Send a BombBomb Video Email Message in the Outlook Desktop Application

Last Updated April 13th, 2018

A simple video email message wins over traditional, typed-out text. It’s more personal, clear, and differentiating.

And when it’s in-line with your normal workflow, video’s often much faster, too! That’s the case with BombBomb in Gmail – and in in iOS and Android.

That’s why we now allow you to send a BombBomb video message in an Outlook email in the installed desktop versions of 2016, 2013, and 2010. Watch the video below for the story of the integration, and why it’s so exciting.


If you want to give this a go, you’ll need a BombBomb account. If you don’t yet have one, click here to try it free for 2 weeks with no credit card information required.


Send a BombBomb Video Email in the Outlook Desktop Application

In 2017, we knew we had to improve our Outlook integration. We know that more than 400 million people currently use Outlook, especially in industries where security is a major concern. So we hired a developer to exclusively help us improve this integration.

Created in 2015, our original Outlook integration only served you in the newest 365 cloud version and only accessed your video library. Our latest integration is compatible with Outlook desktop versions 2010, 2013 and 2016. If you have an Outlook 365 account, you can download Outlook 2016 and use this Add-In, which gives you live recording, a tracking feed, and desktop fly-in alerts.

Now you can record and send video email right from within your Outlook inbox. With video by BombBomb, you can stand out in your recipients’ crowded inboxes. Additionally, you’ll receive real-time notifications when your recipients engage with each send. This includes alerts for when people open your email, play your video, or click any links you provide. Never lose a video or miss a follow-up opportunity again.

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For phase one of our Outlook redesign, we wanted to simply make sure those main features were in play. We want to be right where you work. So whenever you prepare to send a new message, you can access a simple video recorder to record a video message on its own or with typed-out text and links. The tracking panel will be lined up on the right side of your inbox, but you can hide that panel whenever you’d like.

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While many of the features of our updated Outlook integration aren’t new to BombBomb, there is one update that is – and it’s really exciting.

Our Outlook for Desktop integration is the first BombBomb product that offers our new, proprietary real-time encoding. This means that all the videos you record in Outlook are ready to go the moment you’re done recording them because all of the encoding and processing work as the bytes are streaming to the server.

Look out for more of the backend encoding in additional BombBomb products and integration upgrades as the year unfolds!


Future Video Email Updates for Outlook

The upgrade to the BombBomb Outlook integration is something that we will continue to improve because it’s so important to us to be accessible and easy to use for all of our customers who use their platform. Right now we are currently working to update our Outlook 365 integration, which will be ready for use sometime this summer.


How to Install BombBomb’s Outlook for Desktop Application

Did you know that BombBomb has a support website loaded with helpful information about all of our products and integrations? We highly suggest saving the link to and using it as a resource any time you need it.

To watch the tutorial on how to access the BombBomb for Outlook Add-In and additional details about how it works, click here!

To get the installer, click here, then choose “Connect My Account.” The download will start immediately.

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