Video Is About Who, Not About What

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Human beings make purchases based on hope. Hope that whatever they’re buying will enhance their lives on some level. That it will help them enjoy something, make them more efficient, feel good, solve a problem — or deliver another personal or professional benefit. In this context, hope isn’t just an abstract concept, but rather it’s an energy, an emotion. People want to love something.

Regardless of what business or industry you’re in, this hope means all of us are in the human fulfillment business. Business has become about who, not what. And because of this, every person, in every role, must ask themselves, “Who am I serving?”

Today’s guest is Adam Contos. Adam is the CEO at RE/MAX, where he’s held seven positions — working his way up within the business for 17 years. Adam believes strongly that to get better at something, you can’t just do it once, twice, or even five times. You have to do it repetitively — and that goes for creating videos, too.

During the pandemic, Adam created one video per week for 41 weeks. And not only did he do this to improve himself, but he also had a genuine desire to help his employees and customers overcome challenges and fulfill dreams. His videos weren’t about what; they were about who.

In addition to his role leading RE/MAX, Adam is the author of the forthcoming book Start with a Win: Tools and Lessons to Create Personal and Business Success and host of the Start with a Win podcast.

Today, Adam also spoke with us about his view on industry disruption. At its heart, disruption is a reality check for us. It’s an opportunity to consider whether we’re doing our best for people. Rather than invoking fear, disruption should inspire us to improve our businesses. Whatever your role in an organization, you should be looking out for the customer’s best interests instead of worrying about the disruption itself. During times of disruption, Adam suggests that we all ask ourselves: How can I serve my customers better?

Adam joined us on the podcast as part of a special series we’ve been running since early July. He’s one of 11 experts that Steve Pacinelli and I interviewed in-depth in the process of writing our second book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution (Fast Company Press, October 2021).

Throughout this series, we’re back in conversation with each expert in a way that adds to their philosophies, strategies, and tactics delivered in the book.

Adam Contos, REMAX, RE/MAX, CEO, Start with a Win, book, author, podcast, host, Human-Centered Communication, Digital Pollution


In our discussion today, Adam shares with you:

What the three categories of customers are for Adam
Why your organization needs a value statement
What it was like to rise through the ranks of RE/MAX
Where you should be looking in a time of disruption
What Adam learned after making 41 weekly videos


Video Is About Who, Not About What

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Listen to “161. Video Is About Who, Not About What w/ Adam Contos” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Video Is About Who, Not About What

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Adam Contos, CEO at RE/MAX…


1. Customer Experience is the Emotional Response



2. It All Starts with Your Values



3. Distraction or Disruption?



4. Business is About Who, Not What



5. Human-Centered Communication and Deliberate Practice



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