Video Messaging and The Next Normal

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In today’s digital age, automation and technology are fundamental to business success. But given that it’s our humanity that connects us, where does the human element intersect with tools and tech when it comes to business growth?

How can you incorporate genuine connection into our daily communication with prospects, customers, employees, recruits, and other stakeholders? With video.

Video is the perfect example of the addition of humanity to digital, virtual, and online messages and experiences. It’s impactful because it’s a relationship-building communication tool — one that centers around humanity.

Our guest today is Dan Tyre, a Sales Executive and an original team member at HubSpot. The HubSpot team has successfully used video messages over the past several years to improve communication, connection, and conversion. To inspire their team and grow the use of video messaging, they launched the Big 50 Video Challenge.

Six hundred employees were offered the chance to earn rewards for sending 50 videos. And the ones who did improved their results. In fact, their outreach often doubled or tripled. People called back, scheduled meetings, and otherwise responded warmly. This challenge was the spark that many of their team members needed to make using video a habit.

Dan is a speaker on all things inbound. In addition to his role at HubSpot, he’s co-author of Inbound Organization — which focuses on taking a human-centered approach to business (we talked about his book and about video back on Episode 40).

When it comes to his current role, he explains that everyone in the company is involved in customer experience. Every person must consistently practice ways to reduce friction and build connection – all in coordination with other parts of the journey and experience.

Dan is part of a special series we’re doing this summer here on The Customer Experience Podcast. He’s one of 11 experts that Steve Pacinelli and I interviewed in depth in the process of writing our Wall Street Journal bestselling second book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution (Fast Company Press, October 2021).

Throughout this series, we’re back in conversation with each of them in a way that’s complementary to – rather than redundant to – their insights featured in the book.

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In this podcast conversation, Dan shares with you:

Why he’s so impressed with the expertise of Phil, his “dirt guy”
Why he contributed to Chapter 13 “The Year of Video?”
Why treating people as human beings is good for business
How HubSpot’s flywheel uses the best customers to gain more customers
What the basics of the HubSpot Sales Lion program are

Video Messaging and The Next Normal

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Listen to “148. Video Messaging and the Next Normal w/ Dan Tyre” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Video Messaging and The Next Normal

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Dan Tyre, Executive at Hubspot…

1. CX Example: “Now I have a dirt guy”

2. CX Within an Inbound Organization

3. Being Human on LinkedIn

4. Now is the Time for Video

5. Why Read The New Book: Human-Centered Communication

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Dan Tyre, HubSpot, Sales Executive, Human-Centered Communication, A Business Case Against Digital Pollution, Chapter 13, The Year of Video?

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