Creating an Environment of Continuous Coaching

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist
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Note: this conversation with Morgan J Ingram was originally released as Episode 152 and is edited and re-released as Episode 216.

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The SDR/BDR role (sales development and business development) is hands down the toughest in sales. It’s often responsible for the first touch a prospect has with your brand – and it can make or break the entire CX.

A set/held appointments and closed/won opportunities will always be defined as wins. But to become truly successful, to consistently generate those big wins, a strong sales team needs more. They need to be fully enabled, self-disciplined, on a clear track to promotion, and focused on education.

When it comes to education in sales roles, the process should be based on a continuous coaching atmosphere in which human-centered selling is prioritized and always emphasized.

This idea of human-centered selling combines knowing your audience intimately, designing the process for them, learning from them, and continually adapting to their needs. And it’ll generate more consistent wins because regardless of what you’re selling, your customers are people, too.

Today, our guest is Morgan J Ingram, the Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training. Morgan believes that the CX isn’t just one facet of the sales process — it’s the end-to-end sales cycle. It’s rooted in simplicity, emotional attachment, and above all, creating a great experience for the customer based on their humanity.

In addition to his role at JB Sales Training, Morgan is also a three-time LinkedIn Top Sales Voice. A sales trainer, podcaster, livestreamer, speaker,
and gamer, he’s embraced continuous improvement with his well-known Muffins with Morgan, 1UP Formula, SDR Chronicles, and LinkedIn posts.

Morgan wanted to get better at his role, so he documented his journey to help others do the same — and learned the value of openness. Now, he’s a guide for the journey of many SDRs and BDRs who are as hungry to learn and to teach as he is. His mentality of self-improvement and sharing knowledge has made him an invaluable guide for all things sales.

Morgan is part of a summer series here on The Customer Experience Podcast. He’s one of 11 experts that Steve Pacinelli and I interviewed in-depth in the process of writing our Wall Street Journal bestselling second book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution (Fast Company Press, October 2021).

Throughout this series, we’re back in conversation with each of them in a way that’s complementary to – rather than redundant to – their insights featured in the book.

Morgan Ingram, Morgan J. Ingram, Morgan J Ingram, JB Sales, John Barrows, sales trainer, sales training, video email, video message, Human-Centered Communication, Chapter 12, video prospecting

Listening to this conversation with Morgan will teach you:

Why no single role “controls” the customer experience
What he learned from being open on LinkedIn
Why the sales cycle should be smooth for the buyer
How to become one of the 2-5% of people who take action on what they hear
Why becoming relatable and vulnerable was one of his best career moves

Creating an Environment of Continuous Coaching

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Listen to “152. Creating an Environment of Continuous Coaching w/ Morgan J. Ingram” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Creating an Environment of Continuous Coaching

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Morgan J Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training…

1. Customer Experience is an Emotional Bond

2. Customer Experience is a Shared Responsibility

3. Building Relationships by Being Relatable and Vulnerable

4. Creating Conversations in Virtual Environments

5. Why Read Human-Centered Communication (Dan Tyre)

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Morgan J Ingram, Morgan J. Ingram, Morgan Ingram, sales training, video prospecting, video email, video message, Human-Centered Communication, JB Sales, John Barrows

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist

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