The Heartbeat Behind The Spreadsheet

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The purchase of a home is one of the most emotional investments we make in life. When we view a house, those aren’t simply bedrooms and living spaces — they’re our sibling’s room, or grandma’s office, or where we’ll have family game nights and host our dearest friends. Each area takes on an emotional quality from the outset.

Emotional connectivity is almost immeasurable as a number. However, the return on investments in meaningful and emotional connection far outweigh any struggles. The same principle applies to purchases across industries. What is the emotional buy-in, and how can customer experience models support that connection?

Today’s guest is Amer Syed, Vice President of Sales at Beazer Homes. He is a seasoned sales leader in new construction homes who has served in sales roles with other home builders like Century Communities, Toll Brothers, Shea Homes, and Meritage.

Amer is a champion for emotional connection and aims to humanize the home buying process and to improve how we engage with data. He believes acting with consideration for the names behind the numbers leads to more impactful and memorable service. He witnesses the effects of emotional connectivity daily in his work, where referrals are equal to gold and reputation paves the way for success. People recognize genuine consideration when they feel it – and Amer channels that into every aspect of his career.

Listen to this episode to learn:

How to get past the numbers and connect with the people behind them
Why you should be doubling-down on emotional connectivity
How to make better tech and automation choices
What considerations you should make before joining your next team
Why video should be included in more of your messaging

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The Heartbeat Behind The Spreadsheet

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Listen to “242. The Heartbeat Behind The Spreadsheet w/ Amer Syed” on Spreaker.

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