Operationalizing Love for Customers & Employees

Last Updated March 25th, 2022

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When it comes to conducting business, we often dismiss the word “love” as unimportant, peripheral, or unprofessional. Maybe because it sounds too soft. Or perhaps because it’s not related closely enough to revenue. Whatever the case may be, love is often disregarded entirely.

But nothing is more genuine and honest than love. Sure we love different people and different things differently, but love is love. Love means kindness, compassion, collaboration, and empathy. And when it comes to how we do business, these are all positive characteristics that can enhance customer experience and employee experience.

Today’s guest is mortgage and fintech evangelist Sue Woodard. Sue is a public speaker and Senior Advisor at STRATMOR Group. And she believes that people are hungry for connection and that companies can operationalize love. This leads to increased trust — a notion that’s especially essential to employee relationships.

For Sue, love is a competitive advantage.

Before her role at STRATMOR Group, Sue had a successful career in the mortgage industry in loan origination, sales training, and leadership. She then transitioned into content creation with Vantage Production (now Tabrasa), becoming president and CEO. After that, she joined software company Total Expert as Chief Customer Officer.

Today, Sue shares how freeform conversations are one of the fastest ways to learn how to love people well. Often, it’s not just what you’re doing but what you aren’t doing that creates gaps in communication and experience. When you sit and have honest conversations, it’s easier to close those gaps and show your love for your employees and customers. Sue also talks with me about how video changed her career for the better and some best practices for getting started on camera.

Sue and I also discussed:

Why CX is your customer’s perceptions of your brand
What it means to operationalize love
What the EX-CX connection has to do with humanizing businesses
How to start using video
How CX is team or culture



Operationalizing Love for Customers & Employees

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Listen to “191. Operationalizing Love for Customers & Employees w/ Sue Woodard” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Operationalizing Love for Customers & Employees

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Sue Woodard below!


1. Customer Experience Touches Every Stage



2. Love Your Customers, Love Your Employees



3. Voice of The Customer Exercises



4. Operationalizing Love With Journey Mapping



5. Overcoming Buyer’s Remorse With a Video Message


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