5 Elements of an Exceptional Customer Experience

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Choose your mindset. Create your culture. Know your customer. Define your differentiator. Pursue innovation.

These five elements build on one another (somewhat sequentially) to create a holistic and remarkable customer experience. To deliver consistently and well is exceptional.

Today’s guest is Elizabeth Dixon. Elizabeth is a live and virtual speaker at Elizabeth Dixon Speaks and Principal Lead, Strategy, Hospitality & Service Design at Chick-fil-A, a brand is synonymous with exceptional customer and employee experience.

For Elizabeth, the five elements of CX come into play every day and at every turn. She also has a clear understanding that customer experience will never be better than your employee experience. Intentional, hospitable, and caring EX correlates directly to outstanding CX (research insights on this are in Episode 134). When your employees feel cared for and cared about, they, in turn, bring that same level of enthusiasm and benevolence to your customer.

In addition to her current roles, Elizabeth is an entrepreneur and speaker who has served as a business coach for CX leaders like Disney, Zappos, and Southwest Airlines.

Today Elizabeth shares her thoughts on how the element of differentiation connects the other four elements of CX. Why? Because it’s challenging to set yourself apart or to know the unique attributes you bring to the table without first choosing your mindset, creating your culture, and knowing your customers. (And, of course, brands can’t pursue innovation unless they understand what differentiates them in the first place.) Elizabeth also shares her insights on wellness and how it can enrich our lives and the EX in many different ways.

Elizabeth and I also discussed:

How culture should be defined
Why EX is a prerequisite for exceptional EX
What the connection between differentiation and loyalty is
Why customer experience should become a broader ethos throughout culture
What role employee wellness plays in EX

5 Elements of an Exceptional Customer Experience

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Listen to “179. 5 Elements of an Exceptional Customer Experience w/ Elizabeth Dixon” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: 5 Elements of an Exceptional Customer Experience

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Elizabeth Dixon

1. CX is Product, Process, People, and Place

2. Your Customer Experience Will Never be Better Than Your Employee Experience

3. Element 1: Choose Your Mindset

4. Element 5: Pursue Innovation

5. The Importance of Health and Wellness

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