The ABCs of Creating Superfans

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No matter what your company does, delighting customers to the extent that they never want to work with anyone else seems like a worthy goal. Not only will they continue to choose you, they’ll advocate on your behalf. These customers create more customers for you.

What do we call them? Some say “advocates.” Today’s guest calls them “superfans” – and she’s spent her career learning to cultivate them!

To create a superfan, you’ve got to connect your unique story with theirs. You must infuse the DNA of your company into everything you do in a way that your fans feel their shared values and beliefs.

Even if you’re not Apple, Southwest, Nordstrom, Chick-fil-A, or the Ritz Carlton, you can you create superfans. Even if you’re in a pedestrian, ordinary industry, you can create superfans. It’s not as easy as ABC, but Brittany Hodak, keynote speaker and superfan expert, shares frameworks she’s developed by working with clients like Walmart, Disney, and Amazon, as well as artists like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Between the time we recorded this conversation and the time we released it, Brittany was also named Chief Experience Officer for After you hear it, you’ll understand why.

In this episode of “The Customer Experience Podcast,” Brittany shares with us …

What an exceptional customer experience should accomplish
How to create superfans
What the biggest threat to a business is
Why appreciation is key to CX
How Brittany got offers from four of the five sharks on Shark Tank


The ABCs of Creating Superfans

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Listen to the entire conversation with Brittany Hodak of the Superfan Company right here:

Listen to “120. The ABC’s of Creating Superfans w/ Brittany Hodak” on Spreaker.


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Video Highlights: The ABCs of Creating Superfans

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Brittany Hodak below…


1. What Customer Experience Should Accomplish



2. Creating Superfans In Any Company or Industry



3. The Biggest Threat to Businesses



4. Appreciation as a Must for Customer Experience



5. Getting Four Offers on Shark Tank



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