3 Steps to Sales Success: Authority, Generosity, & Platform

Last Updated November 19th, 2021

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In today’s oversaturated, information-rich, and technology-driven environment, your prospective customers have become cautious and guarded. If everyone is trying to sell them something, how do they know who’s genuinely trustworthy and who’s just trying to serve themselves?

To succeed, sales professionals have to build trust and authentic relationships first. There are three crucial steps to sales success that can help: Authority because customers judge harshly. Platform because sales calls are less successful today than ever before. Generosity because it’s the key to authentic relationships and reveals what’s really in your heart.

Joining me on today’s episode is Josh Elledge. Josh shares with us the impact of following these three steps to sales success. He’s used them to gross more than $50 million in revenue and build a seven-figure B2B sales system for consultants and agencies — with zero paid ads.

Josh is the Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. It’s an organization that focuses on helping agencies, coaches, consultants, and B2B service providers increase their sales with the three steps of authority, platform, and generosity. He’s also the Founder and Chief Executive Angel at SavingsAngel.com and host of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast. His work is syndicated nationally in print, on radio, television, and of course, online. Josh is also a US Navy veteran with a background in journalism. And he’s also sent more than 4,200 video messages over the past few years!

Josh knows that sending videos builds stronger human-centered connections. And today, he talks about how they can significantly benefit both your relationships and the long-term sales process. Josh shares that people want to like you when they see and hear you on video when it comes to relationships.

And as it pertains to sales success, consider this: Twinkies and beer both taste good, but neither will nourish your long-term health. In the same way, meeting your sales quotas feels good, but you have to stop trying to be a short-term hero to your customers. Josh shares that you have to consider the long-term connections you’re building. In the long term, you want customers to know you as a truthful person who is generous with your time and resources. That is where genuine, trusting relationships are built.

Josh and I also discussed:

Why we should focus on value and impact instead of chasing revenue numbers
What the big problem is with paid ads
How to build authentic relationships with your dream customers
Why video is the best way to make people fall in love with you
When you should send video messages



3 Steps to Sales Success: Authority, Generosity, & Platform

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Listen to “170. 3 Steps to Sales Success: Authority, Generosity, & Platform w/ Josh Elledge” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: 3 Steps to Sales Success: Authority, Generosity, & Platform

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Josh Elledge


1. Integrity vs. Chain of Command



2. Relationships Over The Noise



3. Restoring Emotion in Our Digital Communication



4. Who Can I Serve Today?



5. Being Generous With Your Platform


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