(Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist
Bo Brustkern, LendIt Fintech, finserv, financial services, video communication, virtual events

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Listen to “115. (Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community w/ Bo Brustkern” on Spreaker.

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Every business is a relationship business. It’s crucial to humanize a brand with personal touches in order to build the relationships that are foundational to your business.

We often rely on events to network and cultivate these connections. But events look much different today than they just several months ago. And when it comes to recasting a large-scale event into a webinar type of experience, it turns out that video networking is can actually be effective.

Video makes people feel approachable, because of — not despite — its ability to welcome people into our homes and work spaces in an honest way. People become more open. People feel closer to you. People get to know you.

Today’s guest on Episode 115 of The Customer Experience Podcast, Bo Brustkern, has held nearly two dozen major events over the past several years. After choosing the event platform based on networking rather than content delivery, the virtual event his team held in September 2020 yielded their third-largest Net Promoter Score (NPS) so far. Networking roulette, which pairs people one-to-one in virtual spaces – has also been a huge success.

Bo is the Co-Founder and CEO at LendIt Fintech, the largest media and events company dedicated to transformation in lending and digital banking. From running major conferences around the globe to migrating all of those into virtual events, Bo has learned that the relationships that matter to businesses matter even more today – and that video can really help.

We talked about…

Why customer experience (CX) is a feeling
How his team pivoted due to the pandemic
What changes in touchpoints we’re experiencing
Why video is essential for reducing complexity and sharing bad news
How LendIt Fintech is helping reinvent Main Street experiences

(Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community

Listen to the entire conversation with Bo Brustkern of LendIt Fintech right here:

Listen to “115. (Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community w/ Bo Brustkern” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: (Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Bo Brustkern of LendIt Fintech below…

1. Customer Experience as a Feeling

2. First Response to Pandemic

3. Changes in Customer Touchpoints

4. Video for Complexity (and Bad News)

5. LendIt Fintech Reinventing Main Street Experiences

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist

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