A Practical Approach to Storytelling

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As an innate part of the human experience, storytelling can play a significant role in effectively communicating. Among countless roles it can play and purposes it can serve, a compelling story can communicate your brand’s identity and company’s purpose.

And contrary to popular belief, you can successfully approach storytelling in whatever way is most comfortable for you. If you think you aren’t a storyteller, it’s time to change that narrative.

Today’s guest is marketer and storyteller Anna Marie Pryor, Director of Marketing at Alameda Mortgage Corporation. Anna is a practiced professional who believes storytelling is a powerful skill leaders can use in any business to connect with their ideal customers to live out the organization’s vision. She joins the show to share strategies for reigning your creativity to best serve and grow your brand.

Anna has a background in journalism and marketing. In addition, she’s a writer, photographer, and videographer. She served in several social media strategy roles before landing her current role as the Director of Marketing at Alameda Mortgage.

Today Anna discusses the interconnectedness of customer experience and courtesy towards others. She also shares how to take a practical approach to storytelling, some misconceptions found in the process, why investing the time to cut out the unnecessary is necessary, and how all of these elements relate to the moments that matter most to your customers and milestone-based marketing.

Anna and I also discussed:

How she defines customer experience
Who her ideal customer is and what problems she solves for them
Why adopting a practical approach to storytelling can help brands
What are Milestone-Based-Marketing Goals
How her agency experience helped with her current role

A Practical Approach to Storytelling

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Listen to “222. A Practical Approach to Storytelling w/ Anna Marie Pryor” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: A Practical Approach to Storytelling

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Anna Marie Pryor

1. Customer Experience and Courtesy

2. Understanding Storytelling

3. Making Storytelling Approachable

4. Editing to Create Understanding

5. Two layers of Milestone Marketing

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