Putting Your Name on the Work

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Business is booming. You’re raking in deals, building out clientele like never before, and producing deliverables as quickly as possible. What results are we leaving behind amid rapid growth? How does our customer experience change while scaling? Are we sacrificing excellence for speed?

Excellence means being confident about putting our name to our work. And, alongside that, putting the company’s name to that work. That type of excellence must be repeatable, consistent, and reliable.

Growth comes down to almost nothing if — when the market calms down — you’re left with a tarnished reputation. Providing a personal touch to customers should never be on the chopping block when pursuing growth. That is how we hold tight to excellence.

A sizable part of maintaining excellence is taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only because customers can sense a broken spirit; but because we deserve fulfillment in our careers.

Why do you go to work? How does it benefit you beyond monetary gain? Answering those questions paves the way forward to sustainable excellence.

We spoke with Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company Dermot grew up working alongside his brother, Brian, under his father in the painting and design space and learned what it means to do work you’re proud of at a young age. He holds over 25 years of experience delivering excellence and helping others discover what that looks like for them.

Dermot helps entrepreneurs build systems based on their principles and a measured approach to tech adoption. He and his team consult clients on better practices across time management, differentiation in commoditized markets, and addressing multiple levels of well-being for better outcomes.

Listen in to learn with Dermot:

  • Why a focus on excellence will be your best differentiator
  • How to build and maintain high-quality relationships and service even with rapid scaling
  • How to recognize your strengths and break out of a commodity market for long-term success
  • Why fads and new technologies aren’t necessarily the golden key
  • Why time and relationships are some of the most important commodities

Putting Your Name on the Work

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Listen to “256. Putting Your Name on the Work w/ Dermot Buffini” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Dermot Buffini

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about service, reputation, integrity, and putting your name on the work

1. Putting Your Name on the Work

2. Balancing the Five Circles

3. Competing Against Bots and Apps

4. Aligning Your Tech by Philosophy, Path, Then Product

5. Managing Your Priorities, Not Just Your Time

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