Leading and Selling with Noble Purpose

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Purpose is your reason for being — why you do what you do.

But noble purpose means that what you do is in the service of others — perhaps your customers or your employees. When you have a noble sales purpose, your reason for serving others sits at the center of your business. And it changes everything.

Our latest guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Lisa Earle McLeod, put it this way:

“Blockbuster sat around asking, ‘How can we make money?’ So, they added some overpriced candy at the checkout. By comparison, Netflix asked, ‘How can we give people better entertainment at home?’ Obviously, they crushed that goal. In other words, when the purpose shifts to improve the lives of the customers, it changes everything…including giving employees excitement and pride in their work.”

Lisa, Founder and Keynote Speaker at McLeod and More and author of both “Selling with Noble Purpose” and “Leading with Noble Purpose” talked with me about the basic human needs of belonging and significance.

Noble selling purpose shifts the primary goal away from hitting the number to actually helping people. This shift in focus can still deliver or overdeliver on the metrics and allows you to do work that you’re proud of.

Among the topics we covered…

How employee experience relates to customer experience
How to create passionate customers
Why purpose drives profit (not the other way around)
Why purpose-driven sales teams see more success than transactional sales teams
How to increase purpose in your organization



Leading and Selling with Noble Purpose

Listen to the entire conversation with Lisa Earle McLeod of McLeod and More right here:

Listen to “112. Leading and Selling with Noble Purpose w/ Lisa Earle McLeod” on Spreaker.


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Video Highlights: Leading and Selling with Noble Purpose

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Lisa Earle McLeod below…


1. The Definition of Customer Experience



2. Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and True Believer Salespeople



3. Purpose Drives Profit



4. Two Types of Sales Teams



5. Three Ways to Increase Purpose Today



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