Easily Get Your Video Link or HTML To Add Video Anywhere

Last Updated June 1st, 2020


Want easy access to a video link or video HTML to post anywhere you work? You can do that right from your web browser if you’re using Google Chrome. The BombBomb Chrome Extension dramatically enhances the way you share your videos across the platforms you use most – whether it be Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and beyond.

It allows you to record videos, send video emails, access your video links, and copy HTML code for your videos without going into your BombBomb account.


Get Your Video Link or HTML to Add Video Anywhere With the Updated BombBomb Chrome Extension

Recently, we made some significant improvements to our BombBomb Chrome Extension. If you’re one of the 40,000+ users of the BombBomb Chrome Extension, you’ll notice we’ve made it much easier to record your screen, access your video library, add CTAs, and included some key functionality that expands where you can share your videos.


Here’s What’s New:

Screen Recording

Before you hit record, you can choose if you want to record your camera only, or record your screen. This puts our screen recorder feature front and center, reminding users that they can capture their screen to explain complex ideas and capture their audience’s attention.

Instantly Rename Your Videos

Once you’re finished recording, you now have the option to rename your video as you save it. This makes it easier to personalize your video message, as well as keep track of your videos in your library.


After you record, you can instantly include a clickable call-to-action to be placed directly on your video. Drive your viewer to visit your webpage, schedule a call, or whatever their next step should be.

More Ways to Share

It’s never been easier to share your videos with anyone, anywhere. You can now copy your video link with the animated preview, just copy the link, or send your video from BombBomb. Reminder: You can paste your video link anywhere you communicate, like Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and more.

See Who Watches, When, and For How Long

You can now track your video engagement directly from the BombBomb Chrome extension. You’ll see a tracking feed for all your videos, see how much of your video he/she watched, and receive new tracking notifications.


Here’s What Hasn’t Changed:


With the BombBomb Chrome Extension, you will still have the BombBomb Powerwheel in your Gmail compose window, allowing you to record, send, and track videos directly from Gmail.

Video Library

You can still access your entire video library from the extension. This gives you quick and easy access to any video you’ve recorded in the past, and instantly send it directly from your Chrome browser.


Your recipient can still “like” and comment on your videos, reply directly from your video page, and reply with a video if they choose.

Unlimited Sharing

Continue to record, upload, and share unlimited videos to your BombBomb video library


The Steps to Add Your Video Link or Video HTML

These steps assume that you have:

Google Chrome (free)

A BombBomb account (free for 2 weeks)

BombBomb extension for Google Chrome (free)

The steps:

Click the BombBomb icon near the address bar.

Record a video or click “Videos.”

You can send that in a video email

You can also get the HTML for your video and drop that code into another system for sending.

Or you can get the video link (URL)and share it to a social network or as a link anywhere.

When you click the Copy HTML or Copy URL links, the code or link is automatically added to your clipboard.

It can now be pasted anywhere!


Get the New BombBomb Chrome Extension

If you already have the Chrome Extension, it should update automatically.

If you don’t have the Chrome Extension yet, simply click here to download it.

Don’t have a BombBomb account yet? No problem. When you download the extension, you’ll be given a 14-day free trial.




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