Easily Get Your Video Link or HTML To Add Video Anywhere

Last Updated March 29th, 2017

Easy access to your video link and video HTML.
Right from your web browser … if you’re using Google Chrome.

The BombBomb extension for Chrome dramatically enhances your Gmail experience.

But you can also use it to record videos, send video emails, access your video links, and copy HTML code for your videos without going into your BombBomb account even if you don’t use Gmail.

The HTML opportunity allows you to send your BombBomb videos through other systems, including CRMs. This is a big deal.

See how easy it is to expand your use of BombBomb videos – right from your internet browser.

Read time: 1 minute, 40 seconds
Video length: 2 minutes, 33 seconds
Takeaway: Get your video link or video HTML to use videos in more places and more ways more often.


How to Get Your Video Link or HTML to Add Video Anywhere


Watch the short video above to learn how you can benefit from the Google Chrome extension from BombBomb, whether or not you’re a Gmail user.

Record and send videos straight from your browser. The recorder opens up with one click.

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You can also access your entire BombBomb video library from the video recorder by clicking the “All Videos” button.

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Your newly recorded video or video selected from your library can now be used in 3 main ways.

  • Send it in a video email.
  • One-click copy the video link (url).
  • One-click copy the video HTML.

This allows you to use your BombBomb videos in more ways in more places more often – including many CRMs and other systems – without logging into BombBomb.


Copy the HTML or Copy the Video Link for a newly recorded video.

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Copy the HTML or Copy the Video Link for a video in your library.

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The Steps for Your Video Link or Video HTML

These steps assume that you have:

The Steps:

  • Click the BombBomb icon near the address bar.
  • Record a video or click “All Videos.”
  • You can send that in a video email – automatically wrapped in your default email design.
  • Or you can get the HTML for your video and drop that code into another system for sending.
  • Or you can get the video link (url) and share it to a social network or as a link anywhere.

When you click the Copy HTML or Copy URL links, the code or link is automatically added to your clipboard.

It can now be pasted anywhere! Watch the video above to see how easy it is.

Important Note

We added the HTML option specifically for the people who’ve requested sending BombBomb videos from their CRMs.

While BombBomb is integrated with many companies, this option may allow you to send video emails from your system even if there’s not direct integration.

If you take advantage of this, reach out (ideally by video email)! I’d love to hear how it’s working for you: Ethan (at) BombBomb (dot) com

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