How to Send Video in Gmail in a Few Quick Steps

Figuring out how to send video in Gmail can be frustrating. You’ve likely tried attaching a video to your emails, only to receive a notification that the file is too large. Or you’ve had to dedicate time and several steps to upload a video on YouTube or another video hosting service to send a simple link to the video you want to share.

But what if I told you that there was a painless, easy way to send video through Gmail without ever leaving your inbox? BombBomb’s Google Chrome extension and Microsoft Edge extension can help. (No need to attach a file or worry about a video file size limit!)

how to send video in gmail

With either one of these extensions, you’ll be able to record, upload, and send videos right from your Gmail inbox.

How to Send Video in Gmail: 5 Simple Steps

So, how do you send videos on Gmail using BombBomb? We break this down for you in a few simple steps…

1. Download Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

To use our BombBomb Google Chrome Extension or Microsoft Edge Extension, you must first have one of those browsers on your computer. If you don’t, you can download Google Chrome here or Microsoft Edge here.

2. Get the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension or BombBomb Microsoft Edge Extension

If using Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “BombBomb.” Then, press “Add to Chrome” to get the extension on your browser. (You can also access and download it instantly here.)

Want to use Microsoft Edge instead? Go to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store and search for “BombBomb.” Then, click “Get,” to add the extension to your browser. Or get it directly here.

3. Log In to Your BombBomb Account

Once you’ve downloaded your preferred BombBomb browser extension, refresh your Gmail page (or log in to Gmail if you haven’t already done so). A pop-up window will appear for you to enter your BombBomb account email address and password. Then, click “Connect” to link your BombBomb account to your Gmail inbox.

Don’t have an account yet? Start a two-week free trial.

4. Create, Upload, and Send Video Through Gmail

Once your BombBomb account is set up in your Gmail inbox, click “Compose” to draft the email you’ll be sending your video in. Add your recipient’s email address and a subject line. Then, on the lower right side of your composer window, you’ll see a BombBomb icon. If you hover over this BombBomb PowerWheel, a red record button will appear — along with a “Videos” option right above it…

Record screen in gmail | BombBomb

 To record and email a new video: Click on the red record button and a new window will pop up for you to record your video. Simply press the “Record” button and record your video. When you’re done, a new window will appear for you to save your video.

Then, click “Save” and a clickable animated preview (GIF) of your video will be placed within your new email. (This is what your recipient will click to open and play your video.)

 To upload and email an existing video: Click on the “Videos” option right above the red record button on the BombBomb PowerWheel. On the upper right of the new window that pops up, press “Upload,” then select the video file you want to send. Once it successfully uploads to your Video Library, click on the video, and press “Insert.”

The automatically-generated GIF of your video will then be added to your video for your recipient to click and play.

5. Send Your Video

Add any supporting text you’d like to include with your video in the email, make sure everything looks good, click “Send” — and you’re all set.

Want more details about how to send a video through Gmail using the BombBomb PowerWheel (and information on additional features)? Check out this post.

Best Practices for How to Send Video in Gmail

Want to make sure your recipient watches your video? There are a few best practices to ensure they press play…

Populated video in Gmail | BombBomb

 Carefully craft your subject line: Most people (probably yourself included) will choose on whether to open or trash an email based on the subject line alone. That means if your subject line misses the mark, your video won’t be played. Be sure to write a subject line that piques your recipient’s curiosity. Consider something like, “Hi Janine! Quick question and video for you…”

 Make the most of your animated preview: If you’re recording your video right within Gmail, be sure to make the most of the GIF that will be automatically generated (from the first few seconds of your video) and added to your Gmail message. Use a whiteboard with a friendly greeting and your recipient’s name on it in your GIF to get their attention right away.

 Keep an eye on your video analytics: When you add BombBomb to Gmail, you’ll send a panel on the left side of your inbox with video analytics. This BombBomb Tracking feature will keep tabs on email opens and clicks as well as video plays. Pay close attention to these video analytics so you can follow up with your recipient accordingly. Learn more about the BombBomb Tracking feature in this article.

Send Your Own Video in Gmail

Now that you know how to send video in Gmail using BombBomb, it’s time for you to start sending videos right from your inbox.

If you already have a BombBomb account, follow the steps above and start sending out those videos.

Not a BombBomb customer yet? No worries! You can try it free for two weeks here. (No credit card is required!)

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