3 Reasons New Home Builders Find Success With Video

Alli Tunell

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April 19, 2022

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Anxiety can run high during any sales process, especially one that includes significant financial decisions. And buying, customizing, and building a new home certainly qualifies. So how can new home builders like you ease apprehension and even doubt?

New home builders are easing anxiety and seeing more success by putting a face and voice to a name, communicating more clearly, and managing emotion and tone with video messaging. You see, face-to-face communication creates a space for warmth, sincerity, and personal connection that fosters the trust you need to build relationships with your prospects and clients.

Below, you’ll find three reasons video messaging can help you reduce hesitancy and increase confidence during the home-buying process.

3 Reasons New Home Builders Win With Video

new home sales, new home builders, home builders, new construction, sales process, video for sales, sales videos, BombBomb, customer story

When reaching out to prospects and clients with video messages instead of (or as a complement to) voicemails, emails, and text messages, sales professionals for new home builders are:

1. Reducing anxiety
2. Increasing accountability
3. Building connection

Let’s explore how…

Reducing Anxiety

Let’s face it – if you’re a sales professional, people often approach you with a bit of anxiety and even with their guard up. New Home Specialist Danielle Lipari-Mareth says, “Walking in and talking to a salesperson is usually something people dread.” But you’re not an intimidating person, you don’t have an intimidating persona, and you have value to provide.

Video conveys personality and builds rapport with warmth. And with a video introduction, follow-up message, or appointment reminder, you can break down that wall, increase replies, and make the sales process much easier — and more successful.

Improving Accountability

How easy is it to avoid or cancel an appointment when there’s no personal connection? Introducing yourself, then following up with a video appointment reminder lets your prospects know that someone is waiting for them. Robin Kroencke of Pacesetter Homes shares, “People feel almost obligated to show up because they’ve seen a face, they’ve seen an actual person, and it gets them excited.”

You see, when people are excited to meet with you, they’re less likely to leave you hanging. They understand that you’re a real person who has value to offer and that your time matters.

Building Emotional Connection

Every customer has specific wants or needs in their new home and community. Help them build a connection to a new place by using the BombBomb Mobile App.

Recording a video from your prospect or client’s new home and community will help get them excited. Be sure to highlight specific features that your customer has mentioned or responded positively to during the home-buying process. And, as Robin conveys in her video below, people who can’t be there in person can also watch your video and experience the home or community as if they were there.

Home Builder Success Stories

Now that you know the three reasons new home builders win with video, it’s time to hear firsthand how new home specialists are improving sales with simple videos to hold more appointments, build better relationships, and convert more leads.

Check out the videos below to learn more about the benefits of a more personal and human sales process.

Story 1: Reducing Anxiety and Improving Customer Experience

Danielle Lipari-Mareth, New Home Specialist – Pacesetter Homes

In addition to providing powerful insight into overcoming your fear of video, Danielle expresses and elaborates on how she uses BombBomb to include a personal touch, thank her clients, for process updates, and more.

“I know that getting that video is going to make their visit feel even more special, and it’s going to make their home-buying process a little more fun. It’s going to make walking through the door for that first appointment a little less scary.”

Story 2: Increasing Appointments Hold Rates

Robin Kroencke, New Home Specialist – Pacesetter Homes

In the video above, Robin talks about overcoming her anxiety on camera and reducing appointment no-shows with video messaging. She also shares how BombBomb has changed her career, increased her home sales, and expanded her referral network.

“I’m just so grateful for BombBomb.”

Story 3: Converting More Leads Successfully

Emma Parsons, New Home Specialist – Brookfield Residential

In her testimonial, Emma shares the way video increases her response rates, contributes to her success, and how the BombBomb Mobile App gives her flexibility to work from anywhere. She also talks about the people behind the product.

“The staff and everyone at BombBomb is very helpful. They’re invested. They’re interested in how it’s working for you, if it’s working for you, and how to improve your experience.”

Looking For Another Home Builder Video Story?

Lisa Marie Kennedy serves homebuyers in Florida. She’s one of seven sales professionals featured in Issue Five of our Series 7 Stories. Click here for instant access!

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