Supporting Salespeople Struggling with Mental Health

Last Updated December 10th, 2021

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Imagine that sales is a contact sport.

If we sent athletes onto the field without pads or helmets, we wouldn’t be surprised when they got injured. In the same way, organizations treat overwhelmed and struggling sales professionals as if they should stoically endure the stressors they’re exposed to day after day — without protection.

So where can organizations begin? Well, they can start by providing sales teams with pads and helmets in the form of stress management and mental health toolkits. That is the first (but only one step) in alleviating and supporting the mental health struggles of sales professionals.

Today’s guest, Jeff Riseley, is back on the Customer Experience Podcast to talk about mental health in the sales profession (more specifically, the 2021 State of Mental Health in Sales Report).

Jeff is the Founder of Sales Health Alliance and author of The Guide to Better Mental Health in Sales. In the future, rather than increasing and improving sales technology to work harder, faster, and more efficiently, Jeff believes success in the sales profession will be driven by optimizing the whole person behind that technology because sales professionals are genuinely struggling.

Two years ago, research showed that over 43% of salespeople had difficulty with their mental health. Today, Jeff discusses the results of a more recent study and how those numbers have changed — for the worse. But there are tangible ways organizations can provide the mental health resources that sales professionals need and deserve (and he shares some of those with us today). Jeff also talks about technology, empathy, encouraging vulnerability, and best performance in the workplace.

Jeff and I also discussed:

Why it’s challenging to be vulnerable with someone who judges your performance
How COVID affected mental health in sales — by the numbers
What role technology plays in eroding boundaries
What salespeople need to feel and perform their best at work
Where to start in supporting the mental health of salespeople



Supporting Salespeople Struggling with Mental Health

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Listen to “174. Supporting Salespeople Struggling with Mental Health w/ Jeff Riseley” on Spreaker.





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Video Highlights: Supporting Salespeople Struggling with Mental Health

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2. The Future of Sales is The Seller, Not The Tech



3. What Salespeople Need Most



4. The Three Components of Purpose



5. Fake Empathy and Effective Empathy


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