Protecting Your Time by Gating Your Email Inbox

Last Updated January 7th, 2022

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Think of the number of emails you receive today compared to a day 5, 10, or 15 years ago. The quantity and quality what you receive have most certainly changed – and probably for the worse. In fact, inboxes are seemingly cluttered with digital pollution — unnecessary, noisy, distracting, and frustrating correspondence.

And while it’s easy to see the amount of email in our inboxes has increased, why is that? Well, it’s to grab our attention. As time goes on, it takes more and more emails for us to notice someone. So, what can be done? In our digital world, where spam messages may soon become uncontrollable — it’s time to start asking ourselves, “What is my time worth to those trying to contact me?”

Today’s guest is Andy Mowat. Andy is the Founder and Chief Email Officer or CEO of Gated — an email solution company that challenges unknown senders to donate money to charity in order to reach you.

When he realized just how noisy his inbox had become, Andy started to reach out to senders to say, “If you want my attention, here’s my Venmo link, here’s my nonprofit, pay a nickel for my time.” Around a year later, he came forward with a service to help others do the same and monetize their attention.

In addition to his role at Gated, Andy is an advisor to several companies, including MadKudu and Sendoso. He’s also served as a Revenue Operations Leader for companies like Upwork, Box, and Culture Amp.

Here in this conversation, Andy shares the three core beliefs that drive his mission to change the email inbox for the better: You should determine how people can reach you, decide what your attention is worth (and who benefits), and charging unknown senders a small cost leads to better connections.

Andy and I also discussed:

Why the quality of email content wins every time
How to create a fruitful relationship between sender and recipient
Why CX can be difficult to translate across entire organizations
What the value of higher education is
Why Andy decided to create a manifesto and what he learned during the process



Protecting Your Time by Gating Your Email Inbox

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Listen to “178. Protecting Your Time by Gating Your Email Inbox w/ Andy Mowat” on Spreaker.





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Video Highlights: Protecting Your Time by Gating Your Email Inbox

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Andy Mowat


1. Customer Experience as a Feeling



2. The Problem of Digital Pollution



3. The Solution of Marginal Cost



4. Creating the Gated Manifesto



5. Evolving Your Company Values


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