Enhancing EX and CX Through Brand Storytelling

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A great customer experience (CX) is one you tell others about, and your brand relies on this form of storytelling. So much so, that brand storytelling should be something your business prioritizes. That’s because it allows you to be so much more intentional about the stories you share, who you share those with, and how those stories are shared by employees, customers, and other stakeholders in your success.

Today’s guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Gabrielle Dolan, a business communication expert, has seen two places that people go wrong with brand storytelling.

1. They think something is a story that isn’t, like a slick corporate video.
2. They think only one story will suffice for brand storytelling.

Instead, brand storytelling is sharing personal stories about leadership, customer experience, culture, and jargon-free vision for excellence.

Gabrielle speaks, consults, and leads workshops with Gabrielle Dolan Consulting, is the founder of Jargon Free Friday, and is the author of several books, including Magnetic Stories, Real Communication, Bullet Points Kill, and Stories for Work.

She shares with us the trends driving brand storytelling, as well as the specific types of stories that brands need to share. She brings humanity back to business communications by furthering the jargon-free movement with a process for sharing authentic brand stories.

Gabrielle spoke with me about…

How a recent customer experience really resonated with her
What brand and brand storytelling are
Why thinking of half of a customer’s spend with you as a CX spend will change how you deliver
What a commitment to storytelling looks like for one of the best, Florida’s Columbia Restaurant
How Jargon Free Fridays originated

Enhancing EX and CX Through Brand Storytelling

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Listen to “137. Enhancing EX and CX Through Brand Storytelling w/ Gabrielle Dolan” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Enhancing EX and CX Through Brand Storytelling

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Gabrielle Dolan of Jargon Free Fridays

1. Customer Experience Defined

2. Brand and Brand Storytelling

3. “Half For CX”

4. Characters of Columbia Restaurant

5. Jargon Free Fridays

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