Building a More Trusting and Human Internet

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Even though customer experience is at the top of the talking points chart today, employee experience should always come first. After all, the way you treat your employees is how they tend to treat your customers. Employees that feel seen, heard, and understood will go the extra mile to ensure customers feel the same way, making for happier customers and improved outcomes.

When customer service and customer experience specialists spend the majority of an interaction verifying the identity of the person they are interacting with, is there any possible way they can create a connection that leaves the customer feeling satisfied? The short answer — probably not. It’s frustrating for the customer and it’s frustrating for the service or support rep. That leads to even more burnout and worse outcomes.

This cycle of repeat questions, rep handoffs, feelings of intrusion and frustration, and delayed service can be broken.

To understand how, we spoke with Aaron Painter, CEO of Nametag. Nametag is described as the world’s first identity verification platform designed to protect accounts from impersonators and AI-generated deepfakes. Without requiring new equipment, extensive training or dings in your customer experience ability, Nametag is extremely easy to adopt. An identity verification platform with very little human attention needed, it could completely change the customer experience game forever.

Spending more than a dozen years at Microsoft before leading Nametag, Aaron was able to live in many different parts of the world. As the outsider, he did not look, sound or speak like the people in the area he was working. This experience opened his eyes to the value of frontline customer service, as he could see the impact of the role on the customer’s entire experience. From that, he gained a lifelong passion for stellar employee and customer satisfaction, which led to Nametag’s creation.

Listen in to learn with Aaron:

  • How EX inevitably impacts CX: when employees feel heard, customers feel heard
  • How Nametag’s technology is streamlining human identity and verification
  • Why deepfakes are becoming an enormous problem
  • What exactly MFA is, and how it’s evolving over time
  • How to build company culture in the remote world: steps to improve EX

Building a More Trusting and Human Internet

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Listen to “262. Building a More Trusting and Human Internet w/ Aaron Painter” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Aaron Painter of Nametag

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about building a more trusting and human internet with better identity and verification

1. Customer Experience and Employee Loyalty

2. Most Respectful Interpretation (MRI)

3. Verifying Human Identity

4. A More Trusting and Human Internet

5. The Relationship Between Privacy and Identity

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