Creating Customer Continuity in B2B SaaS

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True or false: Customers love to repeat their pain points, stories, and questions every step along the customer journey. The answer is unanimously false, and yet many customer journeys are characterized by repetition and tedium. Why?

There are six stages and countless touch points across The Bowtie Funnel alone — that’s a lot of opportunity for a customer to lose continuity and feel stuck in a time loop.

To create continuity, the whole team must be on the same page. From marketing to sales to customer success to product, it takes a village to generate revenue and deliver the type of continuity that supports deep customer-provider relationships.

Humans are wired for emotional connection. Without the space to connect, leads slip away, and repetition creeps into processes.

How do we lean into those connections? And how can we work cross-departmentally to eliminate repetitive procedures?

We spoke with Adam Ferris, VP of Revenue at Friendbuy. Adam is an advisor, investor, mentor, and board member for several companies. He understands the ins and outs of B2B SaaS and B2C motions – and built his career as a sales leader at companies like Kaltura, Duda, and Sourcery Technologies.

Adam has a team-effort approach to generating revenue fueled by customer connection and human interaction. He and his team have a firm grasp on when automation and AI elevate vs wound a sales funnel, and what that means for creating continuity for customers.

Listen in to learn with Adam:

  • Why empowerment is more effective than FOMO when drawing in a customer
  • Why guidance and advice beat carrots and sticks
  • Why it takes a village to close a deal, not just sales heroics
  • How to increase revenue with win/loss conversations
  • When NOT to leverage AI

Creating Customer Continuity in B2B SaaS

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Listen to “257. Creating Customer Continuity in B2B SaaS w/ Adam Ferris” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Adam Ferris

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about customer centricity and customer continuity in B2B SaaS

1. Definition of Customer Experience

2. Customer Friction vs Customer Continuity

3. Carrots and Sticks vs Advisors and Consultants

4. Go To Market Strategy is More Than Marketing Strategy

5. Nod to TOMS Shoes and Jen Echiverri of Habana Cuba

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