Shifting a Culture to Customer Centricity

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Customers don’t want to buy a product; they want to buy a solution. And they want to feel seen, heard, and appreciated while searching for, acquiring, and leveraging that solution. How we achieve that outcome requires that we shift and adapt to changing customer expectations.

In the public sector, customer-centric practices are not a staple — this is a proven fact, backed up by the 2022 Sales Index report for the entire country. What if that changed? What if instead of sticking to the status quo, we dialed in on change management to drive customer centricity?

Change like that doesn’t happen overnight. Becoming customer-centric takes more than words — it takes intentional, consistent action. Without that alignment, customers will sense the disconnect between company statements and the reality of their experience and lose trust.

Determining what steps to take means measuring customer experience and feedback while monitoring the governance of implemented change.

How do we accomplish that feat without backsliding, and what does it mean to be authentically customer-centric?

We spoke with Georges Essama, Head of Customer Relations for Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL). He is also a highly-engaged and celebrated member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), with the honors of Top 20 CX Leader of the Year, CX Leader of the Year Culture Award, and CX Emerging Leader Award.

Georges knows what it takes to help transition a public company into customer-centric values and has the track record to prove it. He was an integral part of one such transition within a complex environment and earned esteem for his and his team’s success against a prevailing culture.

Listen in to learn from Georges:

  • How to create meaningful change in a complex environment against prevailing culture
  • Where Georges’ idea of a podcast featuring customer voices came from
  • Why the voices of the employees are critical as these cultural shifts take place
  • How Georges learned about the CXPA and where you can learn more
  • Why customer relationships must be seen as a collaborative process that are dependent on shared responsibility

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Shifting a Culture to Customer Centricity

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Listen to “248. Shifting a Culture to Customer-Centricity w/ George Essama” on Spreaker.

Video Highlights with Georges Essama:

Check out the top five video highlights from our discussion about shifting a culture to customer centricity

1. CX as Company-Customer Collaboration

2. Customer Centricity and Change Management

3. Sharing Voice of Customer with a Podcast

4. Aligning for Greater Customer Impact

5. Associates of Local Business

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