The Upstream Model for More Referrals

Last Updated June 23rd, 2022

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If you build it … they won’t necessarily come.

So how do you encourage them? One of the most effective strategies to draw people in is by positioning yourself and what you’ve built differently.

People are unique. Relationships and reputations are unique. You are unique. And you are not easily duplicated. Make yourself an essential part of the conversation. Then you have something of value to offer.

Today’s guest is Justin Stoddart, Founder and CEO of Think Bigger. To help us position ourselves more effectively, Justin is here to share his strategies on becoming indispensable to your referral partners and why you should never treat customers transactionally.

In his career, Justin has asked the big questions: How do you stay ahead of the ever-advancing technology that threatens to remove you from the sales process? How do you break through the competition and noise to stand out in a meaningful way? How do you win business based on integrity, value, and relationships?

The answers to those questions have helped him coach and train people to scale their referral business without relying on friends and clients. And he’s done it all while hosting the Think Bigger Real Estate Show and authoring The Upstream Model: Hidden Secrets to Building a Massive Referral Business While Crushing Big Tech Competitors.

Before founding Think Bigger, Justin flipped houses, worked with high-end builders, and constructed luxury homes. But ultimately, his passion wasn’t property or construction — it was people.

For Justin, “Setting up and creating a proper frame for customer experience starts before you ever meet the customer. It starts when you decide how to get introduced to that customer.” Today he also shares lessons he learned while writing The Upstream Model. He also talks about his experience with the low effort and high impact of video messages and why he feels video is the best and most effective way to communicate when you can’t meet in person.

Justin and I also discussed:

Why the difference between doing and becoming is essential
How to communicate with potential clients to quantify and demonstrate value
Why solving problems not related to your business excels your business
What it means to create an upstream business model
Why personal video and creating connection is so impactful



The Upstream Model for More Referrals

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Listen to “207. The Upstream Model for More Referrals w/ Justin Stoddart” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: The Upstream Model for More Referrals

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Justin Stoddart


1. Going Beyond Convenience



2. Loving The Experience You Deliver



3. Delivering Value for Upstream Partners



4. Communicating Your Difference and Value



5. Sending Personal Videos


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