Send Better LinkedIn Messages – Easily Add a Video

Last Updated April 10th, 2017

Your collection of LinkedIn contacts is only as productive and healthy as your relationships with those contacts.

So, you may be sending LinkedIn messages to initiate and sustain conversations.

If so, send better LinkedIn messages by easily adding a video to communicate more clearly, connect more deeply, and convert at a higher rate.

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Takeaway: How to easily add a video to your LinkedIn messages


Send Better LinkedIn Messages by Easily Adding a Video


Watch this short video to learn why to send simple webcam videos in LinkedIn messages.

Then take a look the workflow screenshots below to see how easy it is to do from inside your BombBomb account.


Record or Choose the Video for Your LinkedIn Message

Go to the “Videos” tab inside your BombBomb account (if you don’t have one, start a 2 week free trial right here).

Record a new video by clicking “new video” or choose one you’ve already recorded.

Click the dropdown to the right of your video.

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From that dropdown, choose “Link & Share.”

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Click the LinkedIn logo to open the LinkedIn sharing screen.

Share an update” is checked by default. You can share the video along with any text you type in as a LinkedIn update.

You can also “Post to group” to share inside a LinkedIn group.

What we’re talking about in this post, though, is “Send to individuals.” Start typing a name and the window autofills with LinkedIn contacts’ names until you narrow into the person to whom you’d like to send the video message.

You can send to more than one person. And, of course, you can type in text to support the video.

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Receiving the LinkedIn Message with Video

For the sake of this post, I sent a sample video to one of our BombBomb team members.

The recipient gets any alerts he or she has turned on for LinkedIn messaging. Here: an alert on an iWatch …

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Here’s my LinkedIn message inbox on my phone showing the message I sent him.

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Here’s my LinkedIn message on my laptop screen showing the message I sent him.

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Another Way to Send Videos in LinkedIn Messages

Using the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome, you can record straight from your browser, grab the url and share it by post or message.

Click here to learn more.


When to Send Videos in LinkedIn Messages

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Introducing yourself to a new LinkedIn connection you’ve not met in person
  • Following up after a networking event or trade show
  • Reaching out to set and/or follow up after an appointment
  • Congratulating someone on a new job or career transition
  • Congratulating someone on a work anniversary
  • Thanking someone for a LinkedIn skills endorsement
  • Saying thank you to anyone who’s given you time or done you a favor

Hopefully, this gives you a good starting point for being more personal and human in your LinkedIn messages.



Two Pro Tips for Your LinkedIn Video Messages

Both of these tips are designed to let your LinkedIn connection know that your video message is just for him or her (or them!).

1. Write a short message on a small dry erase board.

I keep a whiteboard, marker, and wipe-off cloth at my desk. For most of the videos I record, I write a note on it for inclusion in the animated preview or thumbnail image.

Want one? Here are some options from Amazon. For reference, mine is 8.5″ wide and 6.5″ tall.

Note: some people use post-it notes or other write-it-down, hold-it-up pieces to accomplish this.

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2. Hold up his or her business card.

When I return from a networking event or trade show, I often have a stack of business cards from people I met there. To build on that exchange and to stand out from his or her stack of business cards, I send personal, one-to-one follow up videos.

By holding up each person’s card, he or she knows I made that video just for him or her. And it’s a talking point to open the video “You gave me your card when we met yesterday at (name of event).”

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Better Relationships in LinkedIn

Because it’s more personal and human, video helps you communicate, connect, and convert more effectively.

Improve the quality of your LinkedIn messages by including video in some of them. You’ll love the replies and they’ll be happy to see you.

Bonus: this type of video message also builds propinquity with the people who matter most to your business and to your life.


Try This Out Today

If you’re not yet using BombBomb, click here to start your 2 week free trial with no credit card information required.

You can send by email or text messages (with our mobile app), with your webcam or smartphone (or upload any video you’ve got), to one person or your entire database – and track all your results.

Give it a try.




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