Why Video Doesn’t Work For Your Sales Team (And How to Change That)

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Adopting video email into the process your sales team uses can be exciting. We’ve seen year over year of incredible results that take place when sales teams begin to incorporate video into their process. But what happens when your team isn’t making the best use of video? Or when they send video email outreach, but they don’t see the response rates they’re looking for?

At BombBomb, we continue to  support you once you adopt our service. We live and breath making sure our clients aren’t just surviving but thriving with video. Our team is always available to help guide you toward success. Check out our guide below on moments where video could be weak without the right application, and how to effectively use them to get the best results.

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Sales Team Email Outreach Automation Is Great (Until It Isn’t)

The first and best reason why video works is that within the ocean of spam emails, video helps you stand out. Your team can even set a trigger for updates when their message is opened or videos are played so they’ll know when to follow up. But what happens when your team is sending videos to customers that can tell the difference between evergreen and a true one-to-one video?

If your team is sending blanket outreach videos to new clients and it works, stay on track. If it doesn’t, let’s look at some ways where a specific framework might help.

Scheduling Evergreen Recordings :

Evergreen (pre-recorded) videos can be an effective tool for sales teams that aren’t always available. Encourage your team to find (or make) some downtime between sales calls to take some time to record a couple of direct videos to help break up the automation cadence a customer may receive. Your sales team can also schedule when their video emails are sent through the BombBomb web application or our Gmail Powerwheel. If they find they’re having trouble sending direct videos, have them record their videos when convenient and then finally have them schedule the send for a time when they know their customers are most active.

Is your team has trouble doing this in the office because they’re on the road constantly working to hit their sales goals? Well, that’s where our BombBomb Mobile App can fit perfectly into their sales process. Simply open the app, record, and then save or schedule it to be sent out when appropriate. We’ve found using the mobile app rehumanizes the process by allowing customers to see your sales team out in the real world while still taking time out of their busy day to connect.


Creating personas, even if they’re somewhat generic, can help your team create targeted evergreen video sends for clients in different parts of your sales cycle. Company-wide personas also ensure each department is addressing and equipping customers appropriately so that they can see the most success. Most sales teams are addressing individuals, but we know not all sales are made with one person–so connecting with all decision-makers through a persona can help accomplish this goal.

When recording evergreen videos, personas can help dial in who your audience is and what they want. That way, if you’re addressing someone in a Sales Lead role, most of the department will relate to the message. If you’re having trouble identifying what personas your client base fits into, check out this persona research guide from Pamela Vaughan, the Principal Marketing Manager on HubSpot’s web strategy team.

There’s Always A Good Time:

We’ve researched the best days in a week to send a video to improve demo rates and appointment holds. We even know what time those people check their emails on most of those days. So why let your team struggle when we’ve already done the work for them? (Bonus Tip: Monday afternoon is your best bet).

Finding the right time to send a video is only half the battle–knowing when a message is received and opened can be just as powerful as a reply. With features such as Re/Actions, your sales team can see quick “likes” and short text responses to videos sent.

The Ugly, The Bad, And the Great Video Sends

We know the order seems backward, but we wanted to show you how small tweaks can make an ugly video great and a bad video excel. We offered a sampling of each to show your team the difference a few (or many) tweaks can make to improve how your sales teams video emails.

The Ugly:

We don’t even need to explain why this video wouldn’t do well, but we wanted to illustrate some of the worst video tips in the clip below.

From the start, you can tell how poorly done this video is. He never mentions who he’s trying to provide tips to during the video. We’ll never push for an expensive lighting set up, but finding a room with natural light or facing out toward a window can drastically improve the appearance of your videos. With most of this video, it just illustrates why overproduction can hurt your sales team’s outreach. Create simple videos. While more personal videos might seem boring, we’ve found recipients respond better to these video emails.

The Bad:

Now, this video appears pretty great. He made sure the still image before clicking play was warm and inviting. The message is clear, he’s very friendly with how he approaches his audience. But watch below and see if you can catch anything that could hurt his sales cycle.

This video has a great beginning. We have a smiling face that’s charismatic. The lightning is good. The sound isn’t jarring. He also avoids using flashy graphics and other media to exaggerate his message. You can tell his set up wasn’t expensive to record his video either. Most might stop here and say this is a good video. But that’s not why you’re using BombBomb is it?

Our number one priority is creating customer-centric messaging. When you create a video, always address the person you’re sending the video to. If it’s a team or group of individuals, mention the company they work for or an organization they belong to. He also spends time explaining something about a website without actually showing it in the video. We offer a screen recorder feature for being able to do this exact thing–use it! Lastly, while he seems personable, the blank environment and almost scripted dialogue makes his message feel sterile and lacking that “human” element.

The Good:

Ah, finally the video you’ve been waiting for! The next clip can help you pinpoint what your sales team can do to start sending videos and seeing the results they expect. Enjoy!

She creates a thumbnail to start the video, making sure to hold a whiteboard with her client’s name written on it. Her lightning isn’t as crisp as the previous video, but it shows that she’s human. The background appears to be the office she works in, adding a layer of depth to who she is as a person. She begins with a warm greeting and a personal touch on the last interaction they had, putting David in that mindset. She reminds him of what they discussed and provides a clear message. She ends the video stating how excited she is to talk with him and makes sure he knows she’s available whenever he needs.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your sales team includes accompanying text to entice a play above the video and a compelling Call-to-Action following the video. This prevents their videos from being hidden by an email provider’s “condense” feature, which clips the bottom of emails that are too large. The text also ensures higher response and conversion rates. If you want to learn more, check out our guide on the best video email tactics.

How To Help Your Sales Team Go From Zero To Video Influencer

Getting comfortable on camera can be hard. We get it. Our Chief Evangelist and CMO wrote the book on why Rehumanizing Your Business with Video is essential for growth. Getting your sales team to adopt it into their sales cycles can be difficult initially. But the psychology behind it and the results far outweigh the awkward first few sends.

One of the most common things we hear is how uncomfortable people feel on camera at first. We offer dozens of webinars to new clients trying to help their team find a voice on video. Our team even created a webinar specifically to help get sales team members comfortable on camera owning your video message (one of the biggest rocks we hear sales teams face).

If you have team members that need a more personalized touch, we also offer coaching for video users. Our coaching comes in two formats: individual and business. While our Customer Success coaches can help members of your team, our Business coaching program helps you see where video can work best for your team to get the maximum value from video.

As Rea mentions above, this coaching is included as part of any BombBomb subscription. So if your team is struggling (and we’ll assume a few are if you’re reading this) then coaching might be the answer to help them rock video. All of our coaches make sure your team understands how to record, tricks to get comfortable on camera in any environment, and guides them as they send their first few videos! To schedule your team members a coaching session or find out more about the business integrations coaching, follow this link to get an appointment and one of our coaches will be in touch with you soon!

Getting your team to adopt video is only half the struggle. Helping them understand the best times to use it in their sales process as well as why a video might have failed can ensure their success. Whether this is just redirection of how they approach automated video email or if they need a little coaching to get them comfortable enough on camera to sell, we hope these tips help your sales team use video.

If you’ve been wondering how video might fail with your team before adopting it, we have plenty of video blog resources beyond this article to sway your decision. But we’re firm believers in try before you buy, which is why we offer a two-week trial for anyone to test BombBomb for themselves. See why our customers rave over the benefits of incorporating it into their sales cycles. Click the link below and watch the results unfold.

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