6 Video Scripts for Real Estate Agents to Succeed with Any Lead

Vivian Lopez

video scripts for real estate agents


June 10, 2020

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How do you find out if a lead is right for you and your real estate business? How do you ensure that the hard work you’re putting in for leads isn’t all in vain? You need to ask the right questions. So, as you reach out to leads via video, it’s vital to have good video scripts for real estate agents handy to find out if they’re a good match.

These scripts are not for you to reiterate word for word in your video emails. Rather, they are there to guide you in your conversations with prospects, so you can filter out leads who aren’t serious and cultivate relationships with those who are ready to buy or sell a home.

Loida Velasquez of Team BC at eXp Realty has built a massive following on her YouTube channel – with 54.8K subscribers and over 3 million views on her videos. In it, she provides valuable sales education video content for fellow real estate agents, including scripts.

In this post, Loida – one of our top Video Influencers in Sales Education – shares her expertise, as well as six video scripts for real estate agents to succeed with any lead – whether they’re For Sale By Owner (FSBO), buyers, sellers, and beyond.

Check out why she believes video scripts are important in the video below, and keep reading to find out her real estate video scripts and tips to thrive…

1. Real Estate Script for FSBO

Video scripts for real estate agents looking to land FSBO leads can be tricky. These are clients who for some reason or another do not want to work with a realtor. Maybe they previously had a bad experience, or they simply believe they can sell their home on their own.

However, more often than not, Loida has found that FSBO prospects are actually willing to work with a real estate agent. To get to this point, consider the following tips and script for conversations with FSBO leads:

Send an initial video introducing yourself saying….

“I noticed your home is listed on Zillow. I just wanted to reach out and see how I can help you.”

They may respond by saying, “I’m not looking for an agent, but you can bring me a buyer.” This is your opportunity to send a video email asking, “OK, so you are willing to cooperate with an agent?” If they say yes, be sure to ask the following questions:

 What are some specifics about your home?
 How did you determine your listing price?
 Where will you be moving once the home sells?

Once they start sharing this information, be sure to listen carefully and take notes so you’re able to let them know how you can help them, what you have to offer, and why they should work with you.

2. Real Estate Video Script for Expired Listings

Expired listings provide excellent opportunities to garner leads. Sellers with expired listings likely had their home on the market for quite some time, ultimately giving up and deciding that their listing wasn’t going to sell.

This, in itself, makes it probable that they didn’t have the best experience with their realtor. So, this is your chance to prove them wrong. Check out the expired listings realtor script and guidance Loida offers below…

In your initial video email, you should say…

“Hi [name], I am contacting you regarding your XYZ property. I saw it just came off of the market yesterday and wanted to see if it was a mistake or if you have any plans on actually getting it sold.”

Answers will vary from, “We’re not going to sell anymore,” to “We do want to sell, but we had a bad past real estate experience.”

In response, you should look at Multiple Listing Service (MLS) specifics on the property and send them a video email back asking: “Well, I see that your property was on the market for [number of days] days. How was that experience?”

This way, you’ll find out what went wrong, so you can explain to these leads how you can help them actually get their house sold.

3. Real Estate Script for Buyers

When you reach out to buyers or they reach out to you, it’s important to have real estate video scripts in your toolbox that will help you identify motivated leads. That way, you can focus on moving those prospects along in the homebuying process.

Watch the following clip in which Loida shares the questions she includes in her real estate video scripts for buyers…

In your introductory videos to leads, be sure to ask the following questions:

 What is important to you about buying a home?
 What does your homebuying time frame look like?
 When is your lease up (if they are currently leasing)?

When they get back to you, you’ll want to ask them prequalifying questions before referring them to a lender, like…

 What is your annual income?
 Have you been employed in the same location for at least two years?
 Can you give me an idea of what your credit score looks like?

With those answers, you’ll be able to confidently send leads over to a lender and start helping them find their dream home.

4. Real Estate Script for Sellers

When using real estate video scripts to connect with sellers via video, it’s essential to discover their motivation for selling. Here’s what you should consider….

Start the conversation with sellers by asking…

“What is your motivation for selling, and what time frame are you looking at for selling your home?”

This is how you’ll know exactly what your lead expects from you, so you can deliver on those expectations as you work to sell their home. At the same time, you’ll be able to inform them on what the selling process and timeline looks like.

5. Just Listed Real Estate Video Script

You just listed a new property. With the right real estate scripts, you can get the house sold while also garnering leads in the process.

Want to know how? Watch Loida’s recommended script below for just listed properties…

Create video emails for people in the neighborhood and say…

“Hi [name]. I just listed your neighbor’s house down the street at [address]. It’s currently going for [listing price]. It’s a [number of bedrooms] bed, [number of bathrooms] bath. I wanted to see if you knew anyone who was looking to move into your neighborhood.”

They usually respond if they do or don’t know someone interested in moving. Or they say, “Oh, [listing price]? How much is my house worth then?”

Now, you’ve started the dialogue to build relationships with other people interested in selling their homes. And at the same time, you’re being connected to people who might be interested in your original listing.

6. Just Sold Realtor Video Script

Video scripts for real estate agents looking to get leads from just sold listings are similar to just listed scripts. Loida explains why in the clip below, and shares a recommended just sold script to use…

After you sell a home, send a video to residents in the neighborhood saying…

“Hi. I’m reaching out because I just sold your neighbor’s home down the street. We got five offers in three days and sold well above asking price. I just wanted to see if you were thinking about making a move because we still have a lot of families who want to move to your neighborhood.”

With this video, you’re likely to convince people who were considering selling their homes to do so. You’re showing them the demand that there is to live in their neighborhood, and the success they are likely to have by selling.

Why Video is More Effective in Delivering Real Estate Scripts

The video scripts for real estate agents Loida shares in this post were developed through years of cold calling.

However, she believes that delivering these real estate scripts via video can be more impactful and effective. Find out why in the video below…

“When people can actually see your face when you’re asking a question – and your smile in the delivery of it – they’re more likely to respond.”

-Loida Velasquez

She noted that these leads are people you’ve never met before. So, for them to see your smiling face in an introductory video message (instead of the traditional phone call or text), it makes them feel like they are having an actual face-to-face conversation with you.

These are people likely receiving numerous phone calls or texts without seeing who these people actually are. With video, you’re setting yourself apart from the competition by putting a face to the name to build trust.

Loida’s Video Tips

As you deliver these real estate video scripts, Loida recommends keeping these video tips in mind:

Smile: You want to show recipients that you are friendly and confident, so they’ll want to work with you. Smile throughout your videos so that comes across on camera.

Make sure you have good lighting: Don’t let poor lighting distract from your video message. Check out these video lighting tips to get the best lighting possible in your videos.

Practice, practice, practice: In order to get comfortable and confident on camera, you need to practice. Practice these scripts in front of a mirror, with colleagues, or via video with friends and family. Bring your personality into those real estate scripts, and you’ll keep getting better and better with each video you send.

“Video might not be easy in the beginning. It’s over time that you start to get better.”

-Loida Velasquez

Improve Your Real Estate Videos by Learning from the Best

You’re now equipped with some great real estate video scripts. But do you want more in-depth real estate video guidance to see even more success in your business?

Check out our Video Influencers Guide for expert tips and tricks from real estate agents, like Loida, who are crushing it with video. You’ll learn the strategies these realtors are using to create exceptional listing, community, consumer education, sales education, and BombBomb videos.

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