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Video Influencers brought to you by BombBomb and Tom Ferry Video Influencers brought to you by BombBomb and Tom Ferry

Meet the people leading the way in Real Estate + Mortgage and learn their strategies.

For the third consecutive year we went through thousands of nominations to pull together the top 65 people in real estate and mortgage who are using video in inventive ways and seeing incredible results. In this guide, you’ll learn more about them, see their top videos, and even get specific tips from them on their strategies. We even had help from our expert judges, former category winners, Michael Thorne & Jesse Peters.

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See their examples and learn their strategies!

The Winning Categories

Top Videos

Peter Lorimer

#1 All Around Real Estate Video Influencer

Karin Carr

#1 in Real Estate Consumer Education

Derrick Polder

#1 in All Around Mortgage Video Influnecer

Ruby Grynberg

#1 in Mortgage BombBomb Video

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