The BombCast Video Podcast Episode One Recap – Jesse Peters

Alli Tunell

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September 1, 2017

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On August 31st we broadcasted our first-ever, live BombCast. A quick, 20-minute video show delivered twice per month on our BombCast website, Facebook page and YouTube channel, the BombCast is hosted by Chief Marketing Officer Steve Pacinelli and VP of Content Development Travis Saxton. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increased sales.

Our first episode features Social Savvy agent Jesse Peters of RE/MAX One Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Jesse has been a practicing real estate agent for five years, not a single moment of which was without video at the center of his craft. His work in video is also the reason Jesse sold three homes in his first week as a real estate agent and hasn’t slowed his pace since. Operating under the Social Savvy® brand, Jesse does just about everything possible under the sun with real estate videos. His innovative work pushes Winnipeg – its unique neighborhoods and community – to the fore. Jesse has revolutionized video for real estate to ensure his client’s home is “seen, showcased and Socially Sold®.”

If you would like to watch the full webinar, check out the video attached! If you’re short on time, we’ve recapped key questions and times of each of these question in our post below!

The BombCast always has a few key takeaways from each episode. Below are the four key takeaways from episode one!

Video Podcast, Real Estate, Podcast

At the 1:36 mark, Travis introduces us to Jesse and asks him to tell the audience why Jesse is the “clean-up hitter in his market.”

Jesse explains how he gets phone calls every week from people who explain how their home has been on the market for a little too long, and ask for his help to “clean up the mess.” He goes on to explain how easily an agent can receive listing requests when it is evident to the future client that the agent is capable of producing content, creating videos, and giving them the best opportunity for their home to be seen and showcased.

Moving forward to the 2:51 mark, Travis mentions how Jesse makes a ton of different types of videos in his business. Travis then asks Jesse to explain the different video categories.

Jesse explains how he’s been in real estate for the last five years and for most of that time, he’s embraced the power video. Naturally, he started out with listing videos – trying to make them feel like “HGTV meets MTV cribs.”

He then explains how he kept running into situations where so many people would like a home, but not be sold on a neighborhood. As a result, he started creating neighborhood videos to highlight the top five features, as well as the current market in that specific area.

Jess also creates client testimonial videos, open house invite videos, buyer love letter videos, and “socially sold” videos as well. He explains how creating more than just listing videos has allowed him to showcase himself to his potential clients, and help them decide if they “know, like, and trust” him enough to bring him on to help them buy or sell their home.

At the 4:41 mark, Travis shows a clip of one of Jesse’s listing videos. He then asks Jesse to explain how his killer listing videos are created.

Jesse has a great quote here. He explains that “every single home I am given the opportunity to sell, whether it’s priced at $20,000 or $1.5 million, get it’s very own listing video. It’s a video that allows us to showcase the lifestyle of a home, pros of a home, and a view of the home from their standpoint that photos can’t show you.”

Video, podcast, video podcast, real estate

His formula is very simple and remains consistent. He asks questions in the videos like – “Who are you? What are you looking for? Is this a feature that sounds intriguing to you?” That way, he can focus in on the right audience for this particular listing. But even so, within the first few moments of the video, he mentions his name, and the company he works for, so he can build “top of mind presence.”

He advised that when you are creating listing videos, the most important things to remember are to “keep your audience engaged, keep them informed, and keep them entertained.”

At 8:45, Steve gets into “buyer love letter” videos with Jesse. A “buyer love letter video” is a video that is created and sent over when an offer is put on the table.

Jesse explains that most agents are known to create “love letters” when sending out an offer. However, in this day in age, it’s even easier to create even more compelling buyer love letters with video. He also explains the importance of a seller connecting with a potential buyer – seeing them, seeing their emotions, seeing their happiness, seeing the person who their home is going to be entrusted with in the next chapter of their life. This gives the buyer a major advantage in multiple offer situations.

At 12:18, Travis jumps into the third takeaway of the BombCast – Facebook Live. Jesse explains his strategy and preparation for live videos on social below.

Jesse describes how he mainly utilizes live social videos for open houses. He creates the video ahead of time and then takes advantage of sponsored advertisements, and even just organic posts to promote the “live showing” in the case that someone has a busy week and can’t make it to the actual showing in person.

He then can answer questions, or “comments,” in real time like “could you show us the master bedroom again,” or “what condition is the wood work on the patio in?” This type of interaction enhances the clients experience.

At 15:10, Steve talks to Jesse about the final key takeaway and video strategy, pre-recorded videos, or automations..

Pre-recorded videos can save you SO much time. Jesse believes that pre-records are best used for follow-up. An example he uses is “hey, it was great meeting you. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity to get your home on the market. Before we start, here are the things we’re going to need to do…”

He also utilizes them for “Happy Home Anniversary” videos, as well as “Happy Birthday” messages. Essentially, event based triggered emails.

Travis closes us out to tell us about the next BombCast episode which will be premiering September 14th at 2pm EST, with Special Guest, Paul Balzotti, of John L. Scott Real Estate in Bellingham, WA.

video, podcast, video podcast, real estate

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