For Business Success: Perfect the Subtle Art of Asking for Referrals – BombCast Episode 7

On November 30th, we showcased episode seven of our BombCast live video series with Eric Peltier of CityWide Home Loans. Eric has been using BombBomb for the last three years, and loves the fact that it allows his to communicate with his clients face-to-face, on their own time. In this episode of the BombCast, we talked to Eric about his video sending schedule, setting yourself for business success, and the general types of videos he sends to consistently grow his business.

The BombCast is a quick video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds, who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increase sales.

Episode seven is embedded below, along with our favorite takeaways, and start/stop times for each topic discussed!


At 1:28, Eric jumps right in and explains how he got started with video

At 3:11, Ethan asks Eric why he believes it is it so important for small business owners to find specific occasions to reach out? (For example: home anniversary, and Birthdays.)

At 5:00 minutes in, Ethan shows a Birthday example from Eric.
We love Eric’s tactic here! He looks up famous people who were born the same day as his past clients, and mentions the famous people in the video.

At 7:51, the subtle art of asking for business – “I just want people to remember me.”
Eric mentions how at first this was difficult for him to do. But eventually, Eric was able to become really comfortable sending these videos, and the request was easy for him to make.

At 10:18, Ethan asks Eric about his video setup. Eric uses a…

  • Logitech WebCam
  • He always films his videos in the mornings. He has a very scheduled video sending routine.
  • He uses a device called “chat light,” which help his videos look professional, even as he sends them from his home office.

At 12:32, we see an example of the videos that Eric sends on home anniversaries.

At 13:55, Eric explains a tactic that he uses for his home anniversary videos.

Eric likes to CC the real estate agent he worked with on the particular transaction, and mention them in the video. The agent often thanks Eric for “doing their marketing for them.” Remember – repeat and referral business doesn’t just come from past clients. Think about the people who are helping you co-create your business, and tap into them.

At 17:08, Ethan asks Eric how many different types of mass sends he currently completes?
His biggest email send is to 52 Real Estate Agents. He sends this “Monday Mortgage Minute” weekly.

At 19:30, what types of messages do you choose to send to your agents? What is the topic range?
Industry related, season related, useful tips, interesting topics, acts as an outside perspective ( his wife sends him articles.)

At 21:10, Ethan shows us a clip of Eric’s Monday Mortgage Minute.
Ethan talks to Eric about trying new techniques
We hear how you can actually pause and flip your videos inside of the BombBomb application!
Eric talks about his setup – a DSLR camera, GoPro, and a lapel microphone!

At 25:35 we talk video editing

Make sure when you record your video, you keep recording for a long period of time. Don’t stop and re-record your video, just start over as your still recording. Most Macs and PCs come with free video editing software that is super easy to use. Simply chop out the pieces of the video that you don’t need with these applications. If you’re ever stuck on how to use a tool, Eric recommends watching YouTube tutorials on a specific software.

A the 28:00 mark, Ethan and Eric talk about a tactic that Eric uses when he doesn’t have direct access to the “decision maker” in a particular situation.

For example, If a Real Estate Agent has a home buyer who they recommend Eric and another Loan Officer to, in most cases, he won’t receive their contact information. In order to make an impact and try to win over the buyer, Eric will ask the agent if he can send the agent a video that they can then forward onto their client. He tries to make sure he gets a small piece of information on the client from the agent that he can speak to, and tries to speak to that information in a meaningful manner. This tactic is very successful for him!

At 30:00 minutes in, we begin Q & A!

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