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Real Geeks offers an all-in-one real estate sales marketing solution for agents and brokers that want to grow their business and close more deals. At BombBomb, we know by working with thousands and thousands of agents that building trust, rapport, and relationships is key to growing your business. Because it gets you face to face with more people more often, simple video gets you there faster. So why not add video into Real Geeks? Brilliant! That’s exactly what we did.

Real Geeks + BombBomb Benefits

  • It’s easy! No need to be a video geek or tech geek to make this work – and no need to jump back and forth between systems. Build better relationship and humanize your emails by sending personal videos to your leads - right from your Real Geeks account.
  • All new leads will flow into both your Real Geeks and BombBomb accounts – simultaneously and automatically.
  • Stop leaving voicemails. Leave video mails! Sending simple video allows you to get face-to-face, build trust, and differentiate yourself with online leads, which results in higher conversion rates. And unlike your voicemails, you know exactly when your BombBomb messages get opened, your links get clicked, and your videos get played.
  • Find your most engaged leads. Anytime you send video to a Real Geeks lead, all activity – like opens, clicks, and plays, is automatically recorded in your Real Geeks activities history.




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