Connect with More Leads using the AgentLocator + BombBomb Integration!

Manually adding leads to multiple CRMs and/or dashboards can be a daunting task that can eat up valuable time that should be utilized to connect with more leads or to provide a better service to existing clients.

With the AgentLocator and BombBomb integration, you'll be able to automatically feed your incoming leads right into BombBomb and into an identifiable list that you create specifically for incoming leads. Stop wasting time on data entry, let the Integration do the work for you!

AgentLocator caters to the needs of real estate agents in Canada and the USA. We assist real estate agents to expand their client base by giving them tools to convert visitors to leads. Our LeadGen formula has helped hundreds of clients to gain the necessary exposure to boost their businesses, generate more leads, and close more deals! We're always innovating & making new tools to make our client’s real estate career more pleasurable and profitable.

AgentLocator + BombBomb Benefits

  • Set yourself apart from the competition by sending unique videos to all of your incoming AgentLocator leads.
  • Sending a video to a lead introducing yourself can increase the probability of future connections as your video can aid in establishing an initial conversation. More Conversations = More Conversions!
  • With Video tracking, you'll be able to see the open rate of your those with the Active Agentlocator Leads to identify leads that are more likely to transact in the near future based on their activity levels.




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