Need a Professional Email Design in a Pinch? Use These Video Email Templates

Looking for the perfect email design? There are video email templates for that! Graphic design is not easy, and not all of us have the creative gene we need to make our marketing emails looks as sleek as we’d like

But did you know that in addition to video email services, BombBomb offers an entire library of ready-to-use video email designs for business or personal use? From birthday and holiday greetings to business thank you emails and announcements, we’ve got you covered for your video email marketing needs.

These designs can be applied to video emails sent by professionals in all industries. And you can customize and tailor them to best reflect your business and what it has to offer. So, whether you’re realtor, marketing professional, or mortgage broker—there’s a template for you.

According the 2018 Adobe Consumer Email Survey, better email design improved consumer email experience by 12%. So, making your video emails visually appealing matters to your current and future customers, and our templates can help.

Check out the video below to learn more about our email designs, and scroll down to read all about video email template examples available to you on our software, how and when you can use them, and more.


What’s in the video email design template library?

If you’re looking to follow up with prospective leads and send appointment reminders, or simply say, “Thank you,” we’ve got you covered with creative and eye-catching video email templates with a personal touch.

There are some examples below. But there are even more in our library to choose from when you are in need of the perfect design—these are just a few!

Business: For everything and anything relating to your business communications 

video email templates

• Check This Out
• Checking In
• Following Up
• Great Opportunity
• Making It Happen
• Nice To Meet You
• Reminder
• Thank You

Greetings: For added humanity and to show others you care when you email a video

video email templates

• Birthday
• Congratulations
• Connect
• Good Morning
• Graduation
• Hello
• Thank You
• Thinking Of You
• You’re Invited

Holidays: To spread some holiday cheer when using video in email throughout the yearvideo email templates

• Labor Day
• Halloween
• Day Of The Dead
• Thanksgiving
• Remembrance Day
• Veterans Day
• Christmas
• Hanukkah
• Happy New Year
• Easter
• Memorial Day
• And more…

There are also seasonal and inspirational templates, quick send and jump-start emails, real estate designs, and newsletter email templates with video for you to utilize as well! Add your logo, and change out the colors in the video email templates to create an email design that looks professional and personalized towards you and your business.

How Do I Find the Professional Design That I’m Looking For To Email a Video?

If you’re browsing our selection of email designs and don’t know where to start, don’t let that keep you from using them. We have the tools to help you choose the perfect template every time you email a video to your clients.

There’s an entire website dedicated to common support questions and answers for when you’re emailing videos and want to incorporate video email templates.

And if you have custom email designs in mind, we can help you with that, too. You can place a custom order to our email design team, and they will create video email designs that will best suit your branding, and incorporate all the visual elements that you need for your business.

Our email design service assigns a member of our design team to help pair your video emails with a look that is identifiably you!

Do You Have Ideas for Email Templates With Video?

We want to hear from you and learn about the ideas you have for versatile email designs! Do you have a template idea that you’d like to share?

Send an email to, and let us know if there are any template designs that you could see yourself using on a regular basis. This can be a template that ties into the themes we already have, or one that relates to your client base, email list and industry.

We value your feedback, and would love to bring your creative visions to life to serve as tools for your video emails. You never know! Your video email design could be a future addition that you and others can use to connect with your future and current customers.

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