5 Persuasive Buyer’s Agent Sales Techniques to Win Over Prospects

Last Updated May 4th, 2018

In any sales role, the art of persuasion can make or break your business. Whether you work in real estate or beauty products, it’s crucial to know how to communicate your message in a compelling way. And each buyer’s agent showcased in this post – knows exactly how to do just that.

To help share and demonstrate some effective persuasive techniques, BombBomb teamed up with Curaytor to produce Pitchfest, a first-of-its-kind event featuring real estate coaches, buyer’s agents, and listing agents role playing a 3-minute sales pitch. For fun and engagement, of course, we added voting for the 2,200 live attendees and named winners in each of the 3 categories.

Here in this post, see the persuasive techniques that leading agents use to win over new buyer prospects.

Watch the buyer’s agent portion below (edited to 34 minutes, 57 seconds), and read the recap underneath to learn 5 persuasive techniques you can start using in your sales strategy today.


Better Buyer Consultations by Real Estate Agents


The video embedded above includes 3-minute buyer’s pitches from four real estate agents, the head-to-head objection handling round, and the crowning of the first Pitchfest buyer’s agent winner.

Watch it all or jump in to see a specific agent or pitch!



5 Persuasive Techniques for a Buyer’s Agent to Use to Win Over Prospects


Persuasive Technique 1 Evoke Emotion as a Buyer’s Agent

Wrapping up Kyle Whissel’s sales presentation, Steve complimented Kyle’s pitch for being “…all about feelings. People buy off emotions.”

Kyle managed to evoke emotion in his 3-minute pitch, a persuasive sales tactic. He didn’t do this by changing the inflection in his voice or using over-the-top images. Rather, Kyle listed step-by-step everything he would do to help a buyer find their dream home. Instead of rattling off a boring list, Kyle made the agenda come alive with intricate details. The list was so exhaustive, at the end Steve said he was left feeling like “Holy crap, I’m not doing all that myself!”

With each concrete example of Kyle’s approach, his value proposition grew. He painted each detail of his 10 step process to form a complex picture of all he could offer a buyer.

We all know buying and selling a house can be an overwhelming, stressful, and complicated process, especially if you don’t have a realtor. Kyle’s pitch drew out those emotions by silently asking the buyer:

Are you (or a different realtor) going to research commute times from every house you look at? Are you going to investigate the nearby schools and restaurants? Are you going to be a fierce negotiator? Are you going to make your offer stand out with a personal video?

All of these activities combined can be stressful for a buyer, but the good news is Kyle will do all that and more for them. To top it all off, he’ll even hire a moving track and throw them a housewarming party! Where can I sign up?


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Persuasive Technique 2 Focus Outward

Veronica Figueroa took home the title of PitchFest winner for a good reason. Her pitch was engaging, structured, and compelling. But what really set her sales presentation apart from the rest was her focus on “you.”

At every turn, Veronica stated her mission to serve her clients and advocate for their wants and needs. She did this with phrases like:

You have choices… It’s about you… What’s important for your family?.. We help you accomplish your goals… It’s not because of us, but because of you.

It would be easy for someone like Veronica to rattle off an impressive list of accomplishments and reasons she is the best agent to work with. There is no doubt she and her team are award-winning, but she chose to steer the spotlight on her buyers, knowing that people would rather feel seen and heard than awed by her successes.

A buyer who feels like you understand their lifestyle dreams, home tastes and financial situation are going to trust you more than a buyer who knows your stats. It takes humility to focus outward, but after Veronica won the majority of votes for best pitch, it’s obvious people connect with an “others first” approach.


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Persuasive Technique 3 Keep it Real

If there is one thing to be said about Steve Volkers, it’s that you instantly trust him. As Chris Smith put it “Steve has a ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ tone.”

Sadly, media has often portrayed real estate agents as the “slick talking, better than you, three-piece suit guy” as Chris put it. Because of that, buyers meeting an agent for the first time might have their guard up. There is no better way to disarm a skeptical client than to take a relatable, authentic tone.

Steve isn’t flashy or pushy, yet he still managed to explain his credentials and give a clear call to action at the end of his pitch. His calm speech, combined with his down-to-earth explanations is an excellent approach to build trust. Steve keeps it real and wins the trust and business of many clients.


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Persuasive Technique 4 Communication is King for a Buyer’s Agent

What do prospects want in a realtor? Clear communication.

Hearing what a client wants, explaining the real estate process, and negotiating a killer deal all require communication skills. Prospects want to know their agents will be available and responsive throughout the process. Good communication is not just about linguistic skills, but about being present and easy to reach, especially in a hot market. CC Underwood assured buyers that she would be by their side from beginning to end, getting her hands dirty. She built her value on providing crystal clear communication, when and how her clients need it.

As a realtor, being a great communicator is a valuable part of the job. As Chris Smith said, “communication is King.”

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Persuasive Technique 5 Address the Elephant

In a buyer’s presentation, most people would assume they should focus on the positive. They might talk about their wins or how they will make a buyer’s dreams come true. So it seems counterintuitive when Veronica Figueroa mentioned in her pitch all that can go wrong in the buying process.

However counterintuitive it might be, addressing a prospect’s concerns before they even mention them is one of the best ways to gain credibility. During any sales presentation, the audience usually has some nagging questions or objections building in their heads. The presenter who only focuses on the positive can seem to be hiding something. Whereas the presenter, like Veronica, who proactively addresses the elephant in the room relieves those nagging questions so the listener can focus on what she is saying.

Veronica addressed the elephant in the room by saying:

What about what can go wrong? Those are the things that set us apart. We talk to our clients about the good, the bad, the ugly…. The things we can do to prevent them from happening.

Nobody wants an agent that is going to sweep the problems under the rug, and Veronica proves she doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. As Chris Smith said, life isn’t the Lego Movie and “everything isn’t always awesome.” Veronica acknowledged that problems happen, and used the opportunity to assure prospects that when they do, her team will know how to handle them.


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