5 Sales Techniques Coaches Use to Sell to Salespeople

No matter our role or title, we all sell. Whether it’s a product or service for a specific price or it’s an idea or opportunity, we’re advancing our ideas with other people.

To help share and demonstrate some effective sales techniques, BombBomb teamed up with Curaytor to produce Pitchfest, a first-of-its-kind event featuring real estate coaches, buyer’s agents, and listing agents role playing a 3-minute sales pitch. For fun and engagement, of course, we added voting for the 2,200 live attendees and named winners in each of the 3 categories.

Here in this post, see the sales techniques that the coaches use to sell to salespeople.

Watch the coach portion of the 2-hour online event (edited to 36 minutes, 36 seconds), learn 5 specific strategies they used in their pitches, and get some choice quotes from co-hosts Steve Pacinelli of BombBomb, Chris Smith of Curaytor, and our 4 participants, Jay Kinder, Michael Hellickson, Jared James, and Leigh Brown.


Sales Techniques Coaches Use to Sell to Salespeople


The video embedded above includes 3-minute pitches from four real estate sales coaches, the head-to-head finale featuring the coaches with the most first-round votes, and the crowning of the first Pitchfest crown for sales coaching.

Watch to see the sales techniques they employ in pitching and in objection handling. And watch to see if one might be a good fit for you and your business!

Watch it all or jump in to see a specific coach or pitch!


Choice Quotes: Why Coaches?

More than half of our live attendees were not actively engaged with a sales coach or sales trainer.

“A lot of the best coaches have coaches themselves.” – co-host Chris Smith

“If you want to climb Mount Everest, you need a guide who’s been to the top of Mount Everest before.” – Michael Hellickson

“100% of world champions have a coach.” – co-host Chris Smith

“You either have a coach with a methodology and system that’s proven and repeatable to help you exponentially grow your business – or you’re just winging it.” – Jay Kinder

“I have clients who pay me a couple thousand dollars per month. So, when they pay me a couple thousand and they have a coach they pay and they love both, then I listen.” – co-host Chris Smith



5 Sales Techniques of the Sales Coaches


Sales Technique 1 Tell a Story

At the conclusion of Jay Kinder’s pitch, Chris shares this: “Stories, in my opinion, win when you’re selling.”

Near the top of his pitch, Jay tells the story of a new agent asking him questions every day. This process taught him to reverse engineer his own success.

“I would never have paid attention to what worked and didn’t work if he hadn’t asked me all those questions,” Jay says. This is the foundation of his methodical, proven, and repeatable coaching system.

He infused the story with specific details, including being on his boat, the boat’s size, and the boat’s name. These kinds details help draw people in.

Similarly, Jared James mentions that he was “(his) mom’s unpaid assistant for years” in establishing “(his decades of experience in the industry.” He opens an anecdote with “I was telling an audience recently …”

Consistent with a “social proof” approach, every one of the presenters told quick stories of coaching clients’ successes.

We think in stories. We relate to stories. Stories are an effective sales technique to work into your pitches.


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Sales Technique 2 Command Attention and Control

Right off the top, Michael Hellickson commands the attention of the audience with one key phrase: “Write this down …”

And he teed it up with “If there’s only one thing you get out of today …”

Co-host Steve Pacinelli observes that it can work for a real estate agent pitching to buyers and sellers. It forces you to listen and follow along right away. It gives you control over the situation.

I’ve seen this sales technique used by stage presenters to take back control and attention (“Are you with me?” / “Look right up here.”). I’ve used it on webinars myself, as well (“If you’re checking your email, take a look back at the webinar screen right now.”

It may feel aggressive if you’ve not tried it before, but it can be very effective.


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Sales Technique 3 Know Your Numbers

Jared’s pitch opens with the caution that “if you don’t buy in, (coaching) doesn’t pay out,” next he establishes his credibility and sales success, and then moves into his philosophy around marketing and connection.

After moving on to his core belief that tactics change but fundamentals remain and locking down his unique selling proposition (see technique 6 below), he offers this: “We know it’s working.”

How do we know? Transaction volume of his students is up 43% in the past 12 months. And sales volume is up 69%.

Per Chris, this is “something every salesperson should do” – build trust through statistics. This requires that you know your numbers.

“People want coaching, but they really want what happens for their business because they got coaching,” Chris adds.

Translate this to your product or service and your prospects – they don’t want what you’re selling as much as they want the results of what you’re selling. Your numbers provide the evidence.

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Sales Technique 4 Add Scarcity

Leigh Brown did several smart things during her sales pitch, including: establishing her love of coaching, being honest about who her service is for – and who it’s NOT for, and positioning herself and her training to very specific and current market conditions.

The technique she employed that no one else did: add an element of scarcity.

Like some of the other sales techniques demonstrated during Pitchfest, this one is among Dr. Robert Cialdini’s six Principles of Persuasion.

Here, Leigh notes that “I only have room for a few more coaching clients.” Limited access by time or quantity compels us to act.

To be even more defined with providing scarcity: be specific (for example “I only have room for seven more coaching clients” or “I’m only taking new clients for four more days”).

Bonus: Leigh was also the only person to mention her price and pricing model. It makes sense to sell value first, but every prospect in every sales pitch is wondering about price. You can take the fear and concern off the table by calling it right out.


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Sales Technique 5 Differentiate Yourself

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? What makes you different than everyone else offering a similar product or service? Why should I choose you?

You should have answers to these questions. And that can serve as the foundation for your sales pitch.

Watch the pitches and notice the differences.

Jay offers a proven, repeatable system that’s backed by market research and evidence” that positions you as the expert in your marketplace. This helps attract business, so you don’t have to chase it.

“Every single one of our coaches produces in real estate at a higher level than the people they’re coaching,” says Michael. “We’re the only company on the planet that can say that.”

“What we really do differently than a lot of companies is we help agent and brokers run businesses that are aligned with how they themselves and their consumers are actually behaving,” says Jared. “We help them run businesses that are built for 2018 and beyond.”

Leigh’s differentiator is in her approach and personality, as well as her pricing model. In her words: “I’m going to give you a kick in the pants if you need it – a very straight and direct and honest opinion on what you’re doing and help you craft solutions.”

The more unique, the better. The more specific, the better.

And if, like these sales trainers, you win through relationship and referral, consider communicating more often with simple videos. It helps people feel like they know you before they ever meet you and helps you lead with your very best sales asset … yourself!


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Bonus Quotes

“Ultimately, perfection’s not the goal, connection is the goal. And people don’t connect with perfect people.” – Jared James

“Money moves to difference, not similarity.” – Jay Kinder

“Too often in this business, you’re letting your business run you, rather than you running your business.” – Michael Hellickson

“It only can work if you’re an implementer.” – Leigh Brown

“Great marketing doesn’t just attract the right people, it repels the wrong ones.” – Jared James


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More Sales Techniques from Pitchfest

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