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August 25, 2016

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Make every message count with BombBomb.

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Connect and collaborate with BombBomb video messaging.

Among the sales professionals who use BombBomb to win more opportunities every day are those in auto sales.

Meet Kinny Landrum of Toyota of Bowling Green. Hear why he loves BombBomb. And see “exactly how (he uses) BombBomb every day.”

Plus: see a 27 second video that paid for an entire year of his BombBomb subscription.

UPDATE: this video also generated a referral and second sale. Details below!

Why BombBomb for Auto Sales

Kinny signed up with BombBomb less than 2 months ago and has already sent 110 videos. That’s an average of 2 videos per day.

They’re all mobile videos from his office, around the dealership, and around town. “All my videos are made on my iPhone. It needs to be really quick and easy for me to do.”

He’s generating great results with this consistency and simplicity.

Here’s what Kinny told us recently:

In the video above (just click it to play it), Kinny explains and demonstrates how and why he uses BombBomb every day.

Among the things he told us:

“I really enjoy BombBomb.”

“I like the video email platform because it adds value and it increases my open rates of emails when I send them to customers.”

“I follow up with my customers via video email from BombBomb every single day,” he says about using his CRM to find customer birthdays, anniversaries, lease dates, and more. “It just takes me a few minutes out of my day to run through those.”

“Thank you, BombBomb. It is a wonderful platform that I use on a daily basis to communicate with my customers, orphan customers, service customers, anniversary customers, happy birthdays to customers, and customers that simply come in and test drive a vehicle.”

In that video embedded above, Kinny also tells a quick story about an “orphan customer,” someone who’s done business at the dealership in the past, but whose auto sales rep no longer works there.

“That is the video that actually paid for my subscription for the entire year.”

See that video and a few others below!

Auto Sales Example: Happy Birthday (Paid for BombBomb)

When Kinny sent this to an “orphan customer,” he received a reply back that it was greatly appreciated and shared with “many, many people.”

Per the customer: “I’ve showed this video email to everyone I know … I really appreciate it.””

It also resulted in a sale that paid for his BombBomb subscription for an entire year.

UPDATE: He also received a referral from this previously “orphan” customer.
The gentleman referred wanted a Chevy Volt, which Kinny didn’t have on his Toyota lot. So he tracked one down in under 48 hours and sold it to him.
See and hear the story here.

Click the email to play the video.

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Auto Sales Example: Happy Birthday (Another Sale Pending)

When Kinny sent this birthday message to a past customer, as he does every day, she replied: “This email made my day! Thank you so much!!!”

About this result, Kinny told me: “I can’t say enough about your video email platform. This video email not only made this lady’s, but now she’s going to look at a car …”

When’s the last time one of your emails made someone’s day? Especially one this simple to make and send?

Click the email to play the video.

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Auto Sales Example: Prospect Follow Up after Visit

In this example, Kinny checks in with a prospect who visited with him and checked out a Toyota Sienna.

Notice how he expresses sincere appreciation and provides her an out – “if you have not already made a purchase.”

If it’s not a “yes,” it’s important to get a “no” sooner than later so you focus your time and efforts on other leads and prospects.

Click the email to play Kinny’s video.

auto sales, automotive sales, video email, video email for automotive, BombBomb, example, lead conversion, lead follow up, conversion

Auto Sales Example: Lease Expiring

In this example, Kinny is reaching out to a customer whose lease is expiring in a couple months.

He makes himself available to talk through options as a trusted advisor.

Again, he uses his CRM to help him know who to reach and when.

Click the email to play the video.

auto sales, automotive sales, video email, video email for automotive, BombBomb, example, lead conversion, lead follow up

Not Really An Auto Sales Example: “It’s Awesome!”

Here, Kinny demonstrates for a friend how easy it is to record and send video email from his iPhone.

He mentioned on a phone call that he was at the gas station, then sent him a quick video follow up.

“This is how easy it is to send a video email. It’s awesome! You’ve got to check it out.”

Click the email to watch the video.

auto sales, automotive sales, car sales, video email, video email for automotive, BombBomb, example email, example video

You Might Be Asking …

How do I check out video email, as Kinny recommends?

Click here to start your 2 week free trial of BombBomb with no credit card required.

It’s a truly free opportunity to reach out to your prospects, clients, colleagues, and others in a more personal, human, and trackable way.

How did Kinny make those beautiful email designs?

A friend of his did the graphic design, then they were put together in our email Composer.

NOTE: our design team also makes custom email designs for customer. Click here for more on that.

What’s his mobile video workflow?

Interestingly, Kinny forgoes our iPhone app and records straight to his camera roll. Then, he uses Safari to log into BombBomb through our main website on his phone. This allows him to switch seamlessly through email designs to send the right videos in the right designs (thank you, birthday, branded, etc).

NOTE: the new iPhone app will allow you to switch between designs as part of the sending process.

So, Kinny’s really sending every day?

Pretty much! Take a look at this screenshot (with last names blurred for privacy) of his Emails tab. All one-to-one. Pretty much every day.

auto sales, automotive sales, video email, video emails, BombBomb for automotive, video email for auto sales

UPDATE: Additional Sale from That 27 Second Video

A week after I wrote this, Kinny followed up with me to let me know he sold an additional vehicle because of that 27 second “Happy Birthday” video to a person who wasn’t even his customer at the time.

Click the email to hear the quick story …

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Want to Hear from 6 Other Sales Professionals?

We asked salespeople of all kinds to share how they’re winning more opportunities with simple video and alert-based follow up with BombBomb. Kinny shared the story above, which is featured in the first issue of a new series from BombBomb.

Let us send you Issue One of 7 Stories, featuring different people in different industries with different personalities and different video styles. Each person tells his or her video success story and provides tips and insights that you can put to work for yourself.


A big BombBomb Thank You! to Kinny for sharing his success story with us and for allowing us to share with you these video email examples.

Check him out on his website, on YouTube (check out all those customer videos!), on Twitter (check out that profile description!), on Facebook, or on LinkedIn.

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