Showing Your Work in the Age of AI

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Where there is no unique human value, there probably shouldn’t be a human. Without the thoughtfulness and authenticity of human touch, AI is blind to tone, pauses, and emotion. There lies the case for a “both/and” vs an “either/or” approach.

By using the both/and method for AI incorporation — specifically when dealing with follow-up emails — we determine which tasks make sense to outsource to AI and which tasks we should keep for ourselves. Spoiler alert: Follow-up emails are not only about the bullet-pointed takeaways.

Today, Ethan Beute, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, unpacks the both/and approach to AI integration and human touch. He shares what it looks like to outsource tasks to AI without sacrificing thoughtfulness and provides concrete tips and tricks for doing so successfully.

Ethan has been with BombBomb for nearly a dozen years full time and has an unhindered dedication to bridging the digital divide to create human connection. He believes every professional should incorporate video messaging in their communication channels to increase human touchpoints and improve results while also leveraging relevant software.

In this episode, he brings together insights from a recent episode of HBR IdeaCast, recent Forrester research, and two episodes of The Customer Experience Podcast to advance a straightforward argument to leverage our unique human strengths.

Listen in here to learn:

  • How the both/and approach works
  • Why thoughtfulness is paramount
  • How the true role of a follow up email affects AI use
  • Why people crave authenticity
  • What jobs are right for people vs machines

Showing Your Work in the Age of AI

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Listen to “261. Showing Your Work in the Age of AI w/ Ethan Beute” on Spreaker.

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