The Power of Human Connection: Async Video Messaging to Humanize Business Communication

Remote work and virtual teams are mainstays and integral to corporations worldwide. While this shift offers many benefits, it challenges business cultures and how work and projects are performed. The impersonal nature of email and the chatter inside apps like Slack or Asana can strip the worker of any sense of place, time, or connection.  

Async video messaging can dramatically improve the landscape of remote work communication, adding a humanized touch that impersonal text-based channels often lack. With async video messaging, instead of being lost in a sea of impersonal emails and instant messages, your message can stand out, connecting with your team personally. BombBomb’s platform allows clear, concise communication while respecting the recipient’s time. Team members can view and respond to the message at their convenience; by ensuring individuals have the mental capacity, they can effectively absorb information and provide thoughtful, comprehensive responses. This level of flexibility increases productivity, as different time zones and work schedules no longer lose essential discussions. It’s a method of communication that streamlines work processes and enhances the ability to humanize business communication.

Async video messaging is an innovative solution that bridges the gap and brings human connection back into remote teams. How does async video messaging improve interpersonal communication and foster stronger relationships among remote team members?

What is Async Video Messaging?

Async video messaging allows users to send and receive video messages asynchronously, meaning the sender and receiver do not need to be online simultaneously.  This approach eliminates the barriers of different time zones, work schedules, or other commitments that often create hiccups in communication. With async video messaging, you record a video message at your own pace, expressing your thoughts and ideas clearly and with a humanized touch. Once sent, the recipient can view your message at their convenience – no need to arrange a mutually agreeable time. 

This differs from synchronous video conferencing, which requires all participants to be present simultaneously. Synchronous is typically used to hold virtual meetings. Async is proven to help communicate input, feedback, or the human touch at the recipient’s convenience.

One main benefit of’s async video messaging tool for remote teams is its flexibility. Team members conveniently record and view messages and screens, accommodating different time zones and schedules.  Additionally, video messaging allows more personal communication than text-based messages to build rapport. Lastly, async video messaging reduces the need for meetings by letting colleagues share, resolve, or communicate simple concepts or inputs more efficiently.

Overcoming the Challenges of Impersonal Communication in Remote Teams

Remote work can sometimes lead to impersonal communication, as team members may rely heavily on text-based messages and emails. This lack of face-to-face interaction can make it challenging to build strong relationships, which are essential for effective collaboration. Impersonal communication can have several negative impacts on team dynamics and productivity. 

Async video messaging is an effective way to overcome these challenges. When the recipient watches your video, they can immediately connect with you on a more personal level, something often missing in remote work. This type of communication helps strengthen team dynamics and collaboration by humanizing the work process.  With BombBomb’s platform, users can easily record and send videos, helping to build relationships with remote team members and humanize communication.

For example, text-based communication can misinterpret tone or intent, causing confusion or conflict. Furthermore, impersonal communication can make team members feel disconnected and less invested in their work. Lacking personal connection can lead to lower job satisfaction and decreased motivation.

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How Async Video Messaging Can Help

Async video messaging can help humanize communication in remote teams, fostering stronger relationships and improving team dynamics. For instance, team members can share weekly video updates to keep everyone informed and maintain a sense of connection. Video messages can also provide constructive feedback or celebrate successes, adding a personal touch to these interactions. By incorporating async video messaging into their communication strategies, remote teams can overcome the challenges associated with impersonal communication and create a more connected, collaborative work environment.

Specific Features of Async Video Messaging Tools

Async video messaging tools like offer a variety of features that can help with impersonal communication. These include personalized videos, screen sharing, and integrations with other tools. Personalized videos allow team members to convey their personalities and emotions more effectively than text-based messages, while screen sharing enables them to explain complex ideas or processes visually. Integrations with other tools ensure seamless communication across various platforms, making it easier for remote teams to stay connected and collaborate effectively.

By using async video messaging tools like, remote teams can enhance communication strategies and foster stronger relationships among team members. With a more connected and collaborative work environment, teams can overcome the challenges associated with impersonal communication and achieve tremendous success in their projects.

Ethan Beute

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