5 Thank You Video Messages to Send for More Meaningful Business 

Vivian Lopez

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May 18, 2020

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thank you video

We’ve all been there. You want to reach out to a prospect or client, but don’t know what to say. But there is one thing you can always say: “Thank you.” You have nothing to lose by thanking someone, and sending a thank you video is a more personal way to do it than a typical thank you card, phone call, or email.

After all, we depend on relationships for our businesses to thrive. And gratitude is at the core of any solid relationship.

“Individual differences in gratitude in terms of relationships show that gratitude is associated with the perceived quality of relationships. Furthermore, it seems to strengthen relationships and contribute to relationship connection and satisfaction.”
-Heather Craig, Positive Psychology 

Because when you say thank you, it has a lasting impact on you and the people you express it to. The recipients of your gratitude videos will remember them for years to come because they will make them feel good.

It also allows you to leverage social capital – the idea that practicing thankfulness in your day-to-day business communication efforts will get people to do what you want them to. So, whether you need your prospects or clients to set an appointment, provide a review, or offer a referral, expressing gratitude increases the chances of them actually doing it.

Want to have that same profound effect in your business interactions? Watch the video below to learn why, when, and how to send thank you videos, and keep reading for five of the best thank you videos you can send:

1. Thank You For Your Time

Need to follow up with someone after an appointment? A thank you video message is a great way to do that and show your appreciation for their time.

We’re all busy people. So, show your potential and current clients that you value them. Express your gratitude for them taking time out of their day to meet with you.

You can also use this as an opportunity to showcase your listening skills by recapping what you’ve already talked about. Then, you can move on to mapping out next steps.

See how Jeremy Whitaker, a former Sprout Social Account Executive, does this in the thank you video below…

Jeremy leads his video email with gratitude, not an ask. And that’s what will get his prospective customer to try out the product, in hopes of them ultimately deciding to buy.

2. Thank You for Doing Business with Me

Your journey with your clients doesn’t end once the closing, sale, or purchase is complete. If you want lifelong customers, you need to cultivate strong relationships with an amazing customer experience. And that starts with gratitude.

Trey Woods, co-owner of Hoboken Coffee Roasters, knows that. When he decided to bring his small business online, he knew he wanted to keep that personal relationship with his customers alive that he has with in-person customers.

Because of this, every time someone purchases his coffee online, he sends them a personal thank you video. Watch one of his videos below…

With just a simple gratitude video like this, he’s building customer loyalty. People who buy his coffee for the first time will remember that personal touch, encouraging them to want to purchase from him again.

3. Thank You for Filling Out My Form

Every time a lead fills out a form and submits a request for more information on your business, you have an opportunity to reach out with a thank you video message. This sets a great first impression right off that bat — showing prospective customers that they are not just a number to you.

You’re making their inquiry more personal, and showing them there’s an actual person willing to work hard for them. And this is what will differentiate you from your competition.

Chris Brown, a mortgage loan officer at Certified Mortgage Planners, reaches out to leads with a thank you video when they fill out one of his forms like the one below…

A video like this is unexpected and disrupts the typical follow-up experience people are used to. It will help you connect with people and make them want to work with you in the future.

And by sending it as a video email, you’ll also be able to track when the video is played (if your software has those capabilities) to follow up accordingly.

4. Thank You for Agreeing to Meet With Me

Getting people to agree to an appointment with you is hard. And getting them to actually show up is even harder. But you can decrease the likelihood of no-shows with a simple thank you video.

This sets the tone of your meeting by demonstrating to your potential clients that you are a professional who sincerely cares about their time.

At the same time, a video like this allows you to show the value you have to offer and why this meeting is worth attending. It also lets you sneak in another quick reminder of the appointment, so they don’t forget to show up.

During his time at Outreach, Keegan Otter would send video messages that accomplished exactly that. Watch one below…

“A Google Calendar notification is really easy to ignore. You can blow off an alert on your calendar. But a human face looking at you and saying, ‘Thank you. I’m excited to meet you,’ is really hard to ignore.”
-Alicia Berruti, BombBomb National Speaker

5. Thank You When They Least Expect It

This is probably one of the best thank you videos you can send out of the bunch. It’s always nice to feel appreciated but to hear, “Thank you,” when you least expect it is even more meaningful.

The great thing about this type of gratitude video is that it can be for just about anything at any time. It’s so personal and allows you to show an even deeper appreciation for the people who invest in you and your business.

Check out this video that Wayne Ulery of Flynn Auto Group sent just to tell someone how much he appreciates them as a person…

“If your business relies on relationships, this is a good opportunity to go deeper.”
-Alicia Berruti, BombBomb National Speaker

It doesn’t matter if what you’re thankful for happened a year ago or if you’re just thankful for a friendship, just reach out. Do the unexpected, and show people you appreciate them with a thank you video.

Gratitude Tip: Ditch the Script

Of course, it’s important to prepare for interactions with prospects and clients, but you also want your thank you video to come across as genuine and sincere. And if you use a script, that won’t happen.

So, don’t do it. Instead, use this framework to guide you as you create your video message:

Introduction: Tell people who you are (if they don’t know you already), and what this video is about.

Thank You: Make sure to express your appreciation from the very beginning.

Connect and Offer Value: Take the time to really connect with the people you’re reaching out to. Show them the value you bring to the table.

Thank Again During Close: End your thank you video on a high note with more gratitude.

“Because you’re doing this over video, you don’t have to add flowery words to sound sincere. Instead, you show sincerity with your face, eye contact, and the emotion behind it. It’s so much easier to just be sincere when you get to leverage human emotion.”
-Alicia Berruti, BombBomb National Speaker

Learn More About Thank You Videos Today!

Do you want some additional guidance before you start sending your own thank you videos? Check out our webinar, “5 Gratitude Videos to Send for More Meaningful Business,” led by our BombBomb National Speaker Alicia Berruti and Client Enablement Manager Kevin Andrews, below…

They dive deeper into the benefits of gratitude and why it’s impactful to your business, as well as how to use video to express it.

As you get started with sending thank you video messages, remember to be yourself, be sincere, and be genuine. Saying thank you is easy, but the impact it makes is powerful.

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