Real Estate Video: 8 Ways to Help Your Real Estate Team Use Video Email

Alli Tunell

Real Estate Video Ideas To Try


January 21, 2019

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Especially compared to your plain, typed-out emails, video email gives you an easy, yet powerful way to differentiate yourself as a real estate broker/owner. Because it gets you face to face with more people more often, video allows you to showcase your market expertise, build your digital brand, communicate heavy paperwork processes, and build deeper connections with your sphere of influence.

Real Estate Video Ideas To Try

But we understand the hang ups to getting started. This is a challenge many people face when they begin incorporating video into their everyday routine. And what’s even more challenging, is training your entire team to start incorporating video into their email communication strategy.

We spoke with Steven Amaya, Leader of the Amaya Group, who was recognized as a Real Estate Video Influencer in the All Around category, about how he’s pushed his team to use video email. We’ve recapped some of his tips, as well as additional insights learned through viewing thousands of videos, in the blog post below. (And if you want more, check out these 14 real estate marketing ideas!)

8 Real Estate Video Ideas For Your Team To Try

1.) Start Using Video for Internal Communication

Video is a great way to communicate things like company wide updates, new hires, new job openings, new healthcare services, etc. Even bad news is communicated much better through video as opposed to typed out text. Using video to communicate internally can be a great way to help prepare your team to start using video in their routine.
At our company, we use video day-in and day-out. In fact, a video is required in all employee application submissions. And once they’re hired, the employee will go through an entire training process that is completely video based. This has allowed our management team to scale their on-boarding process. In this training we have simple step-by-step videos to teach team members how to use our product, recordings with our CEOs talking about the company’s mission, and even videos from each of our senior leadership members where they discuss who they are and what they do at BombBomb. New team members are even required to send out an introduction video after they finish their training. They become so used to seeing videos of other people, and even videos of themselves, that once it’s time for them to start their daily tasks at BombBomb, they find it easy to add video into their everyday routine.

2.) Dedicate an area in your Workspace for Anyone to Record Videos

When people first start incorporating video into their email routine, it can be challenge for them to record their messages out in the open. And that is completely understandable. Even after sending 500+ video emails, I struggle recording videos in front of my co-workers. But I myself feel much more comfortable recording a video in a more private, well-lit room.

For simple videos, you can almost always get by with what you already have. The sun coming in through a window. Overhead lights. A floor lamp or desk lamp. Just make sure the light is more in front of you than behind you. We also recommend adding a laptop stand into the room as well. This will allow for a better angle, and let your team members feel confident as they film their videos at eye level.

Creating a clean, simple, space like this, can really do wonders for your team. At BombBomb we have a few offices that our team uses to send videos. Creating a public calendar for these rooms is key. It will allow your team members to share the space amongst themselves without causing any tension.

3.) Create a Video Contest

Every single time we ask people how they got comfortable on camera, and how they were able to start making video a habit we hear the same answer. They just pushed through. The best of the best challenged themselves to send 10 videos, then 50, then 500. And after that, sending videos just became habit.

It’s well known that it takes your brain 21 days to establish a new habit. So why not hold a video contest for 21 days amongst your team? You could incorporate a variety of different ways to possibly win an award as well. Simply determining a winner just by number of videos is a great place to start. However, you could also hold a contest on who sees the best results from following up with leads via video as well. Each team member could submit a video to explain their results, and then the rest of the office could vote to decide which story they like best! Incorporating the entire company in the voting portion of this contest will help show the importance and need for video communication. And hopefully, convince some individuals who are on the fence that they should also give video a try.

4.) Take Advantage of Integrations

One of our companies core competencies is work where our customers work. Meaning – because many of our clients work within their Gmail Inbox, we made sure that we had a highly functioning integration with Gmail. This allows the BombBomb recorder to be front and center in all of our Gmail users inboxes. It also give them the ability to use our tracking features, access their previously recorded videos, set reminders, create and utilize snippets, and more!

While Gmail is one of our main integrations we have many others. Steven speaks to how his team has connected their BombBomb account with their CRM, Top Producer. Through this integration, the Amaya Team is able to reach out to their past clients, and potential leads with a personal video directly inside Top Producer.

To learn more about BombBomb’s Integration partners like Gmail, Outlook, Curaytor, Zendesk, SalesForce, Realvolve, Follow up Boss, Dot Loop, and more – Click here!

5.) Create Mobile Video Gear Kits for your Agents to Use

This is another way Steve is pushing the Amaya Group to continue to use video. Mobile gear may initially sound intimidating, but most smartphones only need minimal gear, and the gear is quite cost effective. This is because most smartphones made in the past couple years by the main brands have incredible cameras. So if the camera works well, what gear should your kits contain?

First off – purchase a simple selfie stick. I know what you’re thinking – a selfie stick!? If you can get past the tourist vibe, the selfie stick is actually a great investment at just $8.99. Why? It can help stabilize your videos, and gives you the ability to record a wider area and put yourself into a scene.

Another great addition to a mobile kit are simple headphones. That’s right – just headphones. Why? Because most headphones contain a wireless microphone that can enhance the sound quality of your videos. Sound is something that all video creators should take seriously, but the addition of headphones you already own with a built-in microphone will help you solve that issue.

6.) Provide them with Valuable Content that they can Speak to with Video

We often hear people struggle with determining what types of content they should be creating. While really any email you planned to send in text version can be easily converted to video, we understand that newcomers, might want exact scripts and done for you content.

In real estate, we see a ton of people creating videos on market updates, and frequently asked questions. For many agents this content can be similar and easily searchable. Identify the frequently asked questions in your industry, create a document that showcases them all for your team to see, and encourage them to make quick videos on each of these topics. Videos like this are perfect for email nurture campaigns.

7.) Offer Video Training

The Amaya Group has mastered the technique of encouraging a team to use video. As Steve mentioned, “Anytime an agent comes into the office they have access to everything they need to shoot a video on the spot.” That means green screens, an in house media expert, mobile kits, and more.

But if you’re not quite ready to go that indepth with video on your team, there are other ways that you can provide training for them without hiring a media trainer. There are so many free resources on content creation that you can share with your team to help them through their video journey. Some places we recommend searching are the HubSpot Webinar Page, RE Video Studio, and Tom Ferry’s Video Marketing Tips.

Moreover, many video providers will offer training services for their clients. At BombBomb, we have an entire academy dedicated to teaching our clients how to best use our service. And this academy is absolutely free! You can learn how to access the BombBomb Academy by clicking here.

8.) Download the Real Estate Video Influencers Guide

At BombBomb, our biggest content pieces of the year is always our Real Estate Video Influencers guide. We created this guide to not only celebrate the people who are using video in exciting and inventive ways in the real estate industry, but also to take what we learn from these people, and dissect it for everyone else who interested in using video in their business.

Learn from Influencers just live Steven on how they became comfortable on camera, how they’ve incorporated video into their everyday routine, how they plan their content, and much more by simply adding your email address into the box below!

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