Judy Weiniger’s Streamlined Process for Creating Community Videos

Community Videos can be an intimidating project to jump into. Who do you get in your videos? Who films your videos? How much should you be investing in these videos?

Top 50 Real Estate Video Influencer, Judy Weiniger, is doing things right with her streamline approach to Community Videos. After Judy placed third in the Community Video Category of the Real Estate Video Influencer Guide, we reached out to her to get some tips for other real estate professionals who are hoping to start incorporating video into their business. See what she had to say in the video below.

Judy starts by telling us that successful Community Videos are an investment. She invests a good chunk of both her time and money on these videos but as she does them regularly, the process becomes easier and easier. Here are a couple of preliminary questions Judy answers that you may have when you first start considering this investment.

Where do you find a videographer?

“How I found mine is through searching videographers who do weddings.”

Judy says she often gets asked how to find a good videographer for Community Videos. She explains how wedding videographers are often busy during the weekend but not so much during the week, making them a perfect hiring option for your videos.

What deal do you make with the videographer?

“Hire them for the day.”

Judy says her process involves finding around four business to be in her videos and then filming all those videos in one day. She creates an organized schedule and hires the videographer for the whole day. The key to this strategy is being organized and prepared for the day. Once the videos have been filmed, you’ll want to have the videographer edit the videos as well as add intros and outros. Judy explains that once you get a certain editing style and template down that you like, the process will become easier and easier.

Who do I include in my Community Videos?

“Chose the businesses that excite you!”

Judy chooses videos that can really show what it’s like to live in the area. She also features them in her videos for free! This builds trust and relationships with local businesses which, as a realtor, can be a huge advantage. It will also show clients that you are connected with the area and you care about your community.

Ultimately Judy says “We’re hiring a wedding videographer, we’re planning out a whole day, you’re scheduling out hopefully at least 4 community videos a day and then your videographer will also have to edit them.” It’s a process that can take some time and money but it’s also a process that will pay off in the long run.

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