Personalizing the Path to Homeownership

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Closing a sale when the consumer is emotionally and financially ready is a walk in the park. But how do you connect with customers who are not quite ready to sign on that dotted line? Many real estate and mortgage industry players are removing the human element by utilizing automation to connect this client demographic — and while it can be a time saver, it can also create missed opportunities.

Many potential buyers feel completely disconnected from the same people who are there to help them. Admittedly, the home-buying process is complicated. Specifically for younger Millennials and older Gen Z, there exists a fear of judgment and a lack of trust in financial institutions.

FinLocker is described as a B2B2C company. Their target customer is the mortgage loan officer, while their mission is to keep stellar customer experience at the forefront of the home-buying process.

By engaging loan officers with local, in-depth expertise, customers can clear up any questions and receive feedback to know where they stand in the process and what specific changes are needed to improve their financial health. By enabling loan officers to meet younger customers where they are, such as on social media, Finlocker is working to rebuild the human element in the process.

We spoke with Brian Vieaux, President and COO at FinLocker. With 30 years of experience in the traditional mortgage industry under his belt, Brian realizes the ways that many mortgage brokers have let go of their Midas Touch of customer experience. Now, he is working to restore that powerful, personal, and human touch.

Brian and FinLocker live and breathe customer experience. In a commodity business such as mortgage, putting the transaction of today and the transaction of tomorrow on the same level of importance is key to long-term success. Brian and Finlocker are helping lenders reach tomorrow’s demographic in a positive, human way.

Listen in to learn from Brian:

  • What it really means to be a B2B2C company
  • How FinLocker’s technology is revolutionizing the mortgage process, empowering consumers and loan officers alike
  • Why the local loan officer is still the hero in the mortgage industry
  • How video benefits the processes of consumer education and human connection

Personalizing the Path to Homeownership

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Listen to “264. Personalizing the Path to Homeownership w/ Brian Vieaux” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Brian Vieaux of FinLocker

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about educating customers and personalizing experiences

1. Two Sets of and Two Layers to Customer Experience

2. The Product, The Consumer, and The “Customer Experience”

3. The Role of Humans in the Real Estate and Mortgage Experience

4. Balancing Privacy, Utility, and Customer Control

5. Two Mortgage Innovators: Rocket and UWM

BONUS: The Benefits of Video with BombBomb

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