5 Ways the New BombBomb Android App Will Blow Your Mind

Last Updated July 26th, 2017

The development team at BombBomb has been seriously focusing on improving our mobile apps this year. In fact, BombBomb hired two Android developers and invested a ton of time and resources into completely redesigning and upgrading the app.

Just this week, our developers released a ton of new features into the BombBomb Android App to help you be more effective communicating, connecting, and converting! There are so many major improvements on this app that it was impossible for us to explain it all in a quick clip. Hear what we’re most excited about in the embedded video, and check out the 5 Ways the New BombBomb Android App is going to blow your mind!


1 Flip Camera from Front to Back, Pause Your Video & Use an Automatic Timer

Android users will now have the ability to flip their camera from front to back seamlessly while recording a video in the BombBomb app! This feature is extremely helpful when showing a home, a car, or even a piece of furniture! You can also pause your recording and resume recording in a continuous clip. Plus: set a timer to start your recording, so you can record your videos from afar without assistance.


2 Better Workflow for Texting Videos

Prior to our latest update, the workflow to text a video from the Android app wasn’t ideal. Now, as soon as you’re done recording a video, you’re presented with 4 options: email it, text it, share it to social, or add it to your BombBomb video library. You can also go into your library, select a video, and choose how you’d like the video to be shared (email, text, or social).


3 Upload and Edit Thumbnail Images

With this update, you can edit your thumbnail images or upload a new image as a thumbnail – straight through the app. This will be especially helpful when texting videos to clients, as you can choose the first image they see, and help improve the chances of having them open the file itself. If you’re sending by email, know that we automatically generate an animated preview for your video at the time of send – a dynamic stand-in for a thumbnail.


4 Video Filters and White Balance Correction Tool

Now you can improve the look and feel of your videos with black & white, inverted and sepia filters. Android users will also have the ability to change the white balance that the camera uses while in preview and recording mode. This will be helpful when attempting to perfect your lighting before filming! And guess what – these features are only available for Android users at this time! Check out our quick demonstration in the video below.


5 The Ability to Add and Edit Contacts

Finally, you’ll be able to add and edit your BombBomb contacts straight from the app, just as you are able to do in the desktop application! Imagine being at a networking event and meeting someone that you know you’ll want to send a video to later. Now you can add that contact straight into your Android App so that you can send them a video when you’re leaving the event and your stay top of mind!

Android, Tech, Video Email  Android, Tech, Video Email


To learn more about how to install and fully use the BombBomb Android app click on the links below:

Link: How to Use the Android App


Have an Android phone but still not using BombBomb?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you’re not yet using BombBomb, click here to start your 2 week free trial with no credit card information required.Then, download our Android app and log in with your free trial user name and password!

Give it a try.

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