Embed Video in Outlook Email With the All-New BombBomb Outlook Add-In

Vivian Lopez


May 13, 2021

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Want to easily and quickly embed video in Outlook email? Well, now you can. And no, it doesn’t require compressing any large video attachments or linking to YouTube uploads. All you need is one simple tool — the all-new BombBomb Add-In for Outlook 365. 

With this Outlook add-in you’ll be able to seamlessly record, send, and track videos right from your inbox. Everything you need to insert video into Outlook emails will be in one place. No need to switch back and forth from tool to tool.

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Here’s everything you need to know…

Note: This add-in is compatible with Outlook 365 Web, Windows 10 Desktop Outlook 365, and Mac Desktop Outlook 365. If you don’t have an Outlook 365 subscription or a Microsoft hosted or Exchange-based email account, we recommend using BombBomb’s Chrome or Edge extension.

BombBomb Video Email for Outlook: Key Features 

With the new BombBomb Outlook Add-In, you can seamlessly embed video in Outlook email with the following features…

Record videos in the touch of a button

Blog Recording 1 | BombBomb

Record videos — whether they’re one-to-one, one-to-many, or screen recordings — and insert video into Outlook emails directly in your inbox without having to switch between tools.

Simply go to the Record tab in your add-in sidebar, select the “Record Yourself” or “Record Your Screen” button, record your video, and you are all set! (Just be sure to click “Send + Track” when your video email is ready to send — instead of the native Outlook send button — in order to get key video analytics.)

Access your entire Video Library within Outlook

Blog VL | BombBomb

Need access to a video that you’ve already recorded? You can find and embed a video in Outlook from your BombBomb Video Library within your inbox. Just click on the Videos tab in your add-in sidebar, select the video you want to include, and then press “Insert.”

You can also preview a selected video from your library in this tab, and upload a video file to embed video in Outlook email that isn’t already in your BombBomb Video Library.

Track real-time video analytics

Blog Tracking | BombBomb

After you successfully embed video in Outlook email sends, you can track when these video emails are opened, clicked, or played. You’ll also get insights on the percentage of the video watch from the “Longest Watch” and “Most Recent Watch.”

These real-time analytics will display in the Tracking tab of your Outlook add-in sidebar. You can see tracking information for all videos sent, or filter them by recipient. Want additional video tracking insights? Click “View All Engagement” on the video you’d like in-depth analytics on.

Bonus Features You’ll Love

Add in-video Calls to Action: Direct your recipients to take a desired action with a clickable in-video Call to Action displayed right within your video. When you’re recording your video, you’ll have the option to insert an in-video CTA.

Title your videos: Once you’ve finished recording your video, you can title it accordingly to make it easy to find for future use or reference.

Create custom thumbnails for your videos: Want to swap out your animated preview for a thumbnail? You can select a custom thumbnail for your video right after you record.

How to Embed Video in Outlook Emails With the BombBomb Add-In 

To record and embed a video in Outlook, you’ll need: 

An Outlook 365 Subscription: Get it here. 

A BombBomb Account: Try it free for two weeks! Already have an account? Log in.

BombBomb Outlook Add-In: Get it right in your Outlook inbox.

Check out this post for in-depth BombBomb Outlook Add-In set-up instructions and step-by-step guidance.

How to use the BombBomb Outlook Add-In: 3 Steps 

1. Go to the Record tab of your BombBomb Outlook Add-In sidebar and select your preferred recording setting — whether that’s yourself or your screen.

2. Record a video or screen recording, or press the Videos tab to access a video from your video library.

3. Click “Insert” to embed your video in an email, and when it’s ready, click “Send + Track.”

Don’t forget: You must select the BombBomb “Send + Track” instead of the native Outlook send button in order to get video tracking analytics on the videos you send via this add-in.

Embed Video in Outlook Emails Today!

Now that you have the BombBomb Outlook Add-In ready to go in your inbox and know how to use it, don’t waste any time. Start recording and sending videos within your Outlook inbox today!

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