3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Video While Prospecting (and Best Practices to Thrive)

Vivian Lopez

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May 5, 2020

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linkedin video

Are your LinkedIn prospecting efforts falling short? If you keep getting ignored or dismissed on the platform, you’re not using it the right way. It’s not about selling, it’s about connecting – and LinkedIn video messages and posts will help you do that.

Why? Because LinkedIn is a place of value. That’s what sets it apart from other social media sites. People go to it for quality content they can learn from to grow their businesses – while sharing knowledge of their own.

And with a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.74% (which is three times higher than Facebook and Twitter), you can’t afford to not use LinkedIn to its fullest potential. This is where video is your best asset.

Keep reading below as we break down best practices and ways to add video to LinkedIn messages and posts

“The reason why LinkedIn is so effective as a prospecting and conversion tool right now is that it is not flooded with noise.”

-Alicia Berruti, BombBomb National Speaker

The 3 Best Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn

Here are the three best ways to use video on LinkedIn for prospecting:

1. Cold Prospecting

Cold prospecting on LinkedIn is all about making an impression. It’s not about selling right away. It’s about connecting in a way that makes people remember you, so you can continue building that relationship.

As you add video to LinkedIn messages, keep it personal, and bring value to the conversation.

“When you are cold prospecting, you are always going to have better results if you can make it personal.”

-Alicia Berruti, BombBomb National Speaker

Use your video message to give them something they aren’t expecting. Todd Burleson, a BombBomb Business Development Representative, does just that in this video…

Todd immediately offers value by asking his recipient how he can help them. He’s selling, but he’s listening and providing service first.

2. Response to Connection

Again, the common theme is to provide value and keep your LinkedIn videos as personal as possible. Especially in response to a new connection.

This is the time to bring this recently established connection to life and build upon it. Make this the intent and focus on your LinkedIn video message.

Javed Khan of EMpression, a marketing services company, created this evergreen (pre-recorded) video that he sends each time a new person connects with him…

He’s prioritizing the relationship with his new connection over asking for their business. Javed wants to get to know and exchange ideas with them.

And by sending a video instead, he’s disrupting what his recipients expect. Because it’s not often that you get a video back after sending a connection request. Javed ends his video by saying, “Stay memorable, not forgettable,” and that’s what he’s accomplishing himself.

3. Provide Valuable Content in Feed

Posting videos on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build expertise. By providing valuable content in the feed, you’re setting yourself up as the expert. You’re starting valuable conversations that expand your network.

Keep in mind that you are allowed to be an expert in areas outside of business, like parenting or marriage.

Rea Ross, a BombBomb Customer Success Coach, has really focused her LinkedIn video posts on advice for getting comfortable and confident on camera. See one of her videos below…

Rea authentically speaks to something she is passionate about. She’s excited to share her knowledge on the topic to the world.

So, as you’re posting videos on LinkedIn, talk about the things you’re really interested in. That way your enthusiasm and expertise really shine through. And your LinkedIn video posts will attract new like-minded people, start conversations, and foster more connections.

Bonus: Congratulate People

As you scroll through your LinkedIn feed or through notifications, you’ll see when people are promoted or are celebrating a work anniversary. This is a perfect chance to reach out with a LinkedIn video congratulating them on their milestones.

If you know the person you’re sending a congratulations video to, make it a more personal video message. If it’s a connection you’re not very familiar with, send an evergreen video like the one Ken Okel, a public speaker, recorded below…

“This is the perfect opportunity to show you care and are paying attention.”

-Kevin Andrews, BombBomb Client Enablement Manager

Take action and differentiate yourself by sending these meaningful videos. They’ll make your recipients feel good, and it’s just another powerful way to build a relationship with them.

Video Best Practices to Consider Before Getting Started

Before you start sending and posting LinkedIn videos, you need to be equipped with the best practices. Here’s what you need to know:

Make Your Thumbnail Personal and Unexpected

When you share a video on LinkedIn, a thumbnail will populate. Use this to your advantage to get people’s attention, so they play your video.

linkedin video

Personalize your thumbnail by using a whiteboard with your recipient’s name or a screen recording of their LinkedIn profile. You can also defy expectations by doing some research and sharing a personal detail (like a drawing of their company logo) in your thumbnail.

Include Text With Your LinkedIn Video

Your video needs context so people aren’t wary about playing it. Include text that offers a teaser of what they’re going to be watching, so they know what to expect.

Incorporate the Three Rs

1. Relevance: Let your viewers know what the purpose of your video is. If you add video to LinkedIn messages, explain why you’re reaching out to your recipients.

2. Reward: Elaborate on the value you bring to the table. Tell them what they will gain from connecting with you.

3. Request: Be specific about what you want from your recipients. Point out exactly how you want them to stay in touch with you.

Do NOT Connect and Immediately Sell

Our Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute posted on LinkedIn asking how people respond when they accept a connection and immediately get a sales pitch (hint: it doesn’t go well, and more often than not gets ignored or results in a disconnection). The end result was this blog post.

In short, do not do this. Establish a relationship and offer value first. Wait until you’ve strengthened the connection enough to have permission to ask for the sale. Here’s how you can do this through LinkedIn messages:

Start Thriving with Video on LinkedIn Today!

Want some more in-depth training before putting all these LinkedIn video tips and best practices and into action? Watch our webinar, “The Most Successful LinkedIn Prospecting Videos We’ve Seen Yet,” with BombBomb National Speaker Alicia Berruti and Client Enablement Manager Kevin Andrews, below…

And be sure to check out the 28:52 minute mark of the live training to see how you can easily add video to LinkedIn posts and messages with the BombBomb Chrome Extension.

You can also take a look at our step-by-step post on how to send video in LinkedIn messages.

Make video a key part of your LinkedIn strategy. The connections you’ll make as a result are priceless.

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