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Video messaging for consulting and agencies. Share ideas and insights. Collaborate more accurately and efficiently.

Automate Video Email in Sequences

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Camera & Screen Recording

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Build new business, improve engagement with BombBomb

From financial and business consulting to marketing agencies, BombBomb helps optimize marketing and projects with video messaging.


get more email replies


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get increased lead conversions

BombBomb streamlines consulting from Day 1

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Provide tailored solutions

Consulting thrives on sharing expertise and solutions. Make your outreach personal, reduce meetings, and communicate complex ideas more easily.

Show how you’re an industry expert

Video messages put a face and voice in your emails and marketing. Capture and send messages one-to-one with a personal touch. BombBomb can plug into your email or CRM–to work where you work.

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Enhance client engagement

Use BombBomb to record your screen and walk-through project updates.The mobile app makes it easy for busy consultants to record videos on-the-go. Record and broadcast videos to entire mailing lists from a secure library.

Attract and retain specialized talent

Reach out to prospects and partners with videos for more personal outreach than emailing. Improve onboarding and upskilling with pre-recorded videos and screen-shares.

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Consulting professionals count on BombBomb

Upgrade your consulting practice. Get BombBomb.

Discover how video messaging helps consultants to build and sustain client relationships, show value, and enhance team collaboration.

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Seamlessly add video to over 65 popular apps

Stand out with BombBomb.

Strike a chord with your clients. Start your free trial today.
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