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Aaron Colby

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June 19, 2018

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In our social category, we looked at how mortgage professionals were using Facebook and Instagram to engage their audiences. The types of mortgage social media videos posted here are often different than what you find on YouTube. Typically, they’re shorter and more to the point; at present, Instagram only allows one-minute videos, while people go to YouTube consume longer videos. They can also be live videos in which you’re sharing information with viewers in a real time broadcast. We took the standards of the platforms into consideration when selecting our top five Facebook and Instagram Video Influencers.

For ideas and inspiration, here are the top 5 Mortgage Social Media Pages

1 Minh Nguyen

What’s A Mortgage, Irvine, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

mortgage social media

When it comes to social video, Mihn is our overall winner for a few key reasons. First, he’s consistently going live on Facebook (two evenings every week) to educate customers about mortgages, the process, and specific information they need to know. He’s leveraging the convenience of learning from home when it’s most convenient for consumers. Second, his educational videos on subject matters like Verification of Employment (VOE) are timely, relevant, and entertaining. He’s able to bring in important pieces of the mortgage process and make it a marketing opportunity. Even if you’re not currently on the home-buying journey, it stands out as being memorable. Mihn is doing all the right things when it comes to video on social; he’s timely, consistent, memorable, and engaging.

2 Jason Frazier

The Agent Marketer, San Ramon, CA | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

mortgage social media

Jason isn’t new to being an influencer. He’s been influencing, training, and educating real estate and mortgage professionals for years. Being an early adopter of video, Jason’s developed a proven process of using video to build relationships and grow a business. He joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage in 2009 and by 2017 became the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. He’s using both live and pre-recorded videos on Facebook to educate and provide insight to the mortgage community at large. Here is an example of how he brought real value and shared some important insights when Facebook changed their algorithms at the beginning of 2018.

3 Jason Stier

Cornerstone Military Lending, Argyle, TX | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

mortgage social media

Jason made the top five list of being a video influencer because of his specific focus; he’s educating those serving in the military and their family members about the mortgage process. This specific audience targeting has given him a platform to grow within an important, but unfulfilled niche. He’s consistently producing 2-5 minute videos speaking to the unique process for military members or educating about potential problems his customers may encounter. “Hump day news” is his weekly mortgage update that proves to be both insightful and engaging. Check out his Facebook page to see specific examples.

4 Josh Velazquez

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Orlando, FL | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

mortgage social media

What makes Josh a unique Facebook and Instagram Video Influencer is his ability to blend personal life and business info in one page that’s educational, meaningful, and entertaining. This allows people to see the type of person Josh really is. Today, clients are looking to work with professionals they know, like, and trust, and Josh does an exemplary job establishing this formula through his videos. Some of his videos are just him sharing important information, while others are more relaxed videos with his kids. In these, he still talks about important mortgage information, yet allows you to build a relationship with him because he’s giving you access to his life. Anyone looking for examples on how to blend professional life with personal life to build a business needs to check Josh out.

5 Derrick Polder

Summit Funding, Tuscon, AZ | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

mortgage social media

What earned Derrick a spot in this category are his creativity and his variety of videos. He has everything from edited pieces with slides and text to simple shot-in-the-moment videos. He’s providing meaningful content to his prospects and clients that both show off his personality and educate people at the same time. This is seen through a series of seven videos that highlight the importance of relationships in building your business. Head over his Facebook page to see exactly how he accomplished this.

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