6 Video Prospecting Ideas for Financial Advisors to Get More Clients

Kayte Yerga Grady


April 19, 2022

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In the financial space, relationships matter. For most people, choosing a financial advisor is a big decision — one dependent on trust. But they can’t trust someone with their finances if they don’t know them. So, if you’re looking for prospecting ideas for financial advisors, you need to focus on getting people to know and trust you. Video can help.

Video prospecting allows you to communicate and meaningfully connect with potential clients face to face.  With video, you’re more than an email or a phone call — you’re a person.

And the more your prospects see your face and hear your voice, the more they begin to feel like they have a relationship with you. This helps to develop the trust necessary to turn them into lifelong clients.

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Video Prospecting Ideas for Financial Advisors

Learning how to prospect for clients as a financial advisor means understanding that your prospects need to know you first.

Keep reading for some ways to use video that’ll help your prospects get to know and trust you. This will allow you to build solid relationships with them.

Note: Before you begin creating videos, check with your compliance team to ensure you’re allowed to send these types of video messages as part of your financial business communication. Also, please refrain from including anything in a video that shouldn’t be in an email.

Let’s get started!

1. Lead Outreach Videos

The key to learning how to sell financial services is to focus on cultivating relationships during the outreach process.

Outreach videos can help humanize you and create a connection. David Henderson of Jenkins Wealth knows that building relationships during the outreach process goes a long way towards turning prospects into clients. Watch how he uses video to do this…

Because David is face to face, his potential client can see he’s sincere and sounds friendly. He establishes familiarity by mentioning the last time they spoke and doesn’t focus heavily on selling financial services. David’s request for a meeting towards the end of the video doesn’t feel pushy because his primary focus is on making the connection.

Some other ways you can use video to help build meaningful relationships are to…

 Connect on social media: Send or reply to connection and message requests with video.
Build community relationships: Reach out to local businesses, high schools, and colleges. Offer to speak or to provide educational information about finances.
Lead with value: Send a short video with a podcast recommendation or another free resource covering a topic your prospect has posted about or mentioned. (Tip: Use an in-video Call to Action and link to the resource you’re providing. You can learn more about how to do that here.)

2. Referral Lead Outreach Videos

When it comes to prospecting for financial advisors, referrals are just warmer leads. But you still have to take the time to build relationships and garner trust to turn these prospects into clients successfully.

Check out the following video to see how Renee Albrecht of Valley Investment Planning responds to a warm lead…

Renee’s referral lead outreach is casual and inviting. She mentions how she received the referral and shares some general personal knowledge of her prospect. And because she’s using video, Renee’s prospect can hear her tone of voice. As a result, it’s evident she’s genuine and helpful.

Developing a good referral outreach strategy is key to tapping into a bank of warm leads. Here’s an easy-to-follow framework to help you create a great referral lead outreach video…

1. Begin by introducing yourself. Be sure to say what you do and what company you’re with. (And if you know that your prospect falls into a specific client niche you work with often, include that detail here.)
2. After that, let your prospect know how you got their information.
3. Then, let them know why you’re reaching out and how you can help them. 
4. Finally, include an in-video Call to Action to schedule a meeting.

3. Financial Document Walkthrough Videos

It’s important to remember your prospects may not always be familiar with the finance market’s ins and outs — including documents and market breakdowns.

Financial information is complicated. And It’s no secret that complex information is understood better when explained face to face. Walk your prospects through important information like financial proposals and market reports with video. Watch how David does this below.

Using a tool like the BombBomb Screen Recorder, as David did, will help eliminate confusion during document overviews. With it, you can record yourself and your screen at the same time for added clarity.

A screen recorder will help you walk your prospects through each critical component of a document or report, just like you were sitting next to them — no in-person meeting necessary. (This article can help you learn more.)

4. Consumer Education Videos

Good prospecting ideas for financial advisors shouldn’t just be about what someone can do for your business. It’s important to remember that to develop a relationship, you have to provide people with something of value — without asking for anything in return.

When you provide educational information to your prospects, it helps them to see how knowledgeable you are. It also establishes you as a go-to expert they can trust with their finances.

And this is exactly what Todd Woodward, Sr. of Mosaic Wealth Management Group, does in the video below. This is just one example of how he regularly provides value through education for his prospects and clients.

Because Todd uses video, the valuable information about the upcoming tax season is straightforward and easy to understand. (And notice he doesn’t ask for anything that will benefit him, he simply provides the value and offers help.)

Below are some additional video prospecting ideas for financial advisors that can help you provide value through education…

 One minute-financial market breakdown videos
Budgeting tip videos
Financial goal-setting videos
Important financial event videos like W-2 and Tax Day reminders or enrollment deadlines for Medicare and Federal Student Aid

5. Appointment Follow-up Videos 

You’ve had the initial meeting with a potential client, but selling financial products and services doesn’t end there. To continue building the relationship, you have to follow up. Video is a great way to do this.

Take a look at how Carter Wilcoxson of CSI Financial Group uses video to follow up after an initial appointment with his prospects.

Sending a video email to follow up after an appointment is a great way to stay top of mind with your prospects. And because you’re face to face, they can hear the tone of your voice when you express gratitude for their time.

And following up with video also helps you keep the door of ongoing communication open. The BombBomb Reply With Video feature allows your recipients to reply to you also using video. (And this works even if your recipient isn’t a BombBomb customer.) This makes it easy for you to foster deeper relationships and keep conversations going with your prospects because you can be face to face more often.

(Click here to see more BombBomb features, like Reply With Video, you may not know about that can help you get the most of your video email experience.)

6. Special Occasion Videos 

All of these video prospecting ideas for financial advisors will help you create the best strategy possible to grow your business. Still, sometimes you just need a reason to stay connected. This is especially true when prospects aren’t actively looking for a financial investor. It’s important to follow up every few months in case that changes. And special occasion videos are a great way to do this.

Watch how Chris Englebert of Englebert Financial Advisers does this in the following video…

Videos like the one Chris sent can help you stay top of mind and remind your prospects that you’re thinking about them. Special occasion videos also leave a good impression because it shows that you genuinely value your prospects and that to you, they’re more than just a dollar sign.

So what are some special occasion videos you can send?

 Birthday videos
Holiday videos
Just because “thank you” videos

(Tip: You may not always have time to record video emails. But using a feature like BombBomb scheduling can help. BombBomb scheduling will allow you to create videos for special occasions when you have time. Then, schedule them to be sent when they’ll be most impactful.)

Bonus: Referral Request Videos 

Financial advisor prospecting relies heavily on referrals from current clients. A good referral strategy will allow your business to continue to grow successfully without the added expense of trying to drum up new clients. (You can learn more about creating a successful referral strategy here.)

Using video to request a referral makes the request memorable and personal. It also makes it easy for your clients to understand what you’re asking them to do. Here’s an easy way to do this…

1. Begin by leading with gratitude. People who feel appreciated are more likely to do what you ask them to.
2. After that, let your client know why you’re reaching out to them. Something like, “I’ve really enjoyed working with you, and I’m reaching out to you today to see if there’s anyone you know that I can help, too.”
3. Include who you’re in the best position to help (such as retirees or young families).
4. Finally, provide clarity for your request by closing with an in-video Call to Action.

Ready to Use Video to Get More Clients?

If you already have BombBomb, start using these video prospecting ideas for financial advisors to get more clients today.

And if you aren’t using video yet in your financial business, you can test out the examples above with a free 14-day BombBomb trial here.

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