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Stand Out and
Stay Connected with Video Messages

Success in mortgage comes from relationships and referrals. But making time for personal outreach is hard.

BombBomb video messaging helps you stand out and stay connected in less time.

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Stand Out From Competitors


Earn More Purchase Transactions


Attract and Keep More Referral Partners

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Trusted Partner

Thousands of mortgage professionals have made BombBomb a valued partner in their businesses.

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To introduce and differentiate themselves.

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To answer questions and provide guidance.

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To keep everyone in the transaction on the same page.

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To rehumanize an increasingly digital experience.

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To request referrals and online reviews.

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To say thank you, good job, or congratulations.

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Don't Compete
On Rate Alone

A competitive rate isn’t enough. Clients choose you based on your trustworthiness, confidence, and expertise. But in a digital experience, clients can’t know you for who you are! Video email adds you to the equation again.

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Provide a personal touch and stay top of mind

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Help people get to know, like, and trust you

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Be seen, heard, and understood more clearly

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Communicate faster and improving the customer experience

Close More Loans More Quickly

Improve Pull Through from Lead to Loan

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Throughout the loan process and across the customer experience are moments of doubt, confusion, and frustration that hurt your pull-through rates. These negative costs can be reduced or even eliminated with BombBomb.

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Differentiate yourself and make an early connection with new leads.

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Guide and educate throughout the process.

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Keep everyone involved on the same page (with fewer calls and meetings!).

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Celebrate milestones in the process.

Earn More Repeat and Referral Transactions

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Especially in today’s mortgage environment, staying in touch with your past customers, your real estate partners, and your referral network is critical.

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Record a video message once and use it over and over again.

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Reach out on birthdays or loan anniversaries.

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Send market trends, rate changes, or other updates to one person, to a group of people, or to your entire database.

Recruit and Retain Top Producers

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Just like customers choose you for your personality, expertise, and guidance, so too do team members. Use video messages to save time while making them feel connected to you.

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Set appointments with top producers you’d like to hire with video messages.

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Follow up after those appointments in a personal way.

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Cast a vision and provide onboarding and training for people you’re bringing in from outside the industry.

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Motivate, educate, and update your team members without having to schedule calls or meetings.

Move More Quickly

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Recording a video, doing a screen recording, or pulling a recorded video out of your BombBomb library can help you with all these things and more …

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Struggling to get someone on the phone or to schedule a meeting.

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Trying to type out a detailed or complex explanation … but coming up short.

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Sending typed-out messages that have been misread or misunderstood – and wasting time going back and forth to get it straight.

As a bonus: you can talk faster than you can type!

Help Your
Whole Team

Retail. Wholesale. Servicing. Underwriting. Leadership and management. Support and administration. BombBomb is a benefit to everyone on your team.

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Individual and team analytics and dashboards

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Content distribution (share videos, templates, and more)

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Admin control and managed access

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Sending on behalf of team members

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Works Where You Do

Web, Gmail, Outlook, mobile app, Total Expert, Jungo, Homebot, Salesforce and more.

Record Your Screen

Walk and talk people through detailed or complex reports, forms, contracts, or presentations.

Track Your Results

Know who’s watching your videos, when, and for how long for smarter follow up.

You’re just a few minutes away from providing a better experience for your clients.

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Step 1

Create a BombBomb account by starting a free trial.

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Step 2

Choose a key customer moment from this list and record a video using our outline.

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Step 3

Send that video every time the moment arises. See how clients love the experience.

Awesome technology and the best form of communication there is for salespeople, probably for anyone trying to establish a relationship with a new acquaintance!

Robert T.

Real Estate Broker

I’ve been able to save time and communicate better where a written email would have taken longer or not been able to communicate the nuance of my message.

Logan L.

Director of Podcast Partnerships

Let’s talk metrics...I’ve seen a proven increase in my sales conversions.

It’s great as a differentiator.

Nick T.

Venture Capital Associate Partner

The best thing BombBomb is offering our clients is our true authentic selves. Most days, we hide behind our professional armor, and to some extent, that can hinder us.

Being a team lead, I was fortunate enough to work with Angela Ferris for multiple training sessions. She was the glue that made BombBomb click for us.

Nicole L.

Real Estate Team Lead

BombBomb has become an essential tool we use more and more to personalize our relationships.

The benefit of hearing and seeing yourself is critical for sales development. BombBombs’ impact on our business relationships is without a doubt impacting our success in converting and maintaining more business.

Cliff M.

Sales Manager