BombBomb Mobile App Basics: How to Send Mobile Videos with Ease

You finally hear back from a prospect you’ve been trying to reach for weeks, but you’re at the park with your kids or out running errands. Has this happened to you before? If so, did you know that there is a way to reply on-the-go face to face? All it takes is one mobile video app – on the BombBomb mobile app.

Communication doesn’t have to stop when you’re away from your desk. With BombBomb’s newly enhanced mobile app for iOS and Android, you can connect with people via video from wherever you are – whether it be from the airport or a walk around your neighborhood. Check out the recent updates we made to the app in this post.

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By sending mobile videos to prospects, clients, and partners, you can connect with them “in-person” instantly. It saves you time and builds trust and rapport with them quicker.

Keep reading to learn how to send videos using the BombBomb mobile app…

How to Send a Video from Your Phone Using the BombBomb Mobile App

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1. Get the BombBomb mobile app

Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, search “BombBomb,” and download it to your smartphone. If you’re reading this article from your mobile device, click on the links below to access the application:

BombBomb mobile app for iOS
BombBomb mobile app for Android

2. Log In to Your BombBomb Account

Open the app and log in to your account using your existing BombBomb email address and password. If you don’t have a BombBomb account yet and want to try it out, click here.

3. Record a Video

When you open the app, the camera with a “Record” button pops up instantly. When you’re ready, press that button and it will count down…3, 2, 1.

While recording your video, you have the option to click the “Pause” button if you want to move to a new location to record or need a small break between shooting your video. You can also switch between your front and rear-facing cameras as you record.

Click the “Stop” button to finish recording, and your video will be automatically saved to your video library. If you’re not happy with the final product, there’s a “Re-Record” option on the top left of the next screen.

4. Make Finishing Touches on Your Video

In the screen that appears after you finish recording, you’ll see a small “Edit” button next to where it says “Mobile Upload Video.” Press it and you’ll be able to change the title of your video to make them easier to find for future use.

On an iPhone, you can also change the thumbnail of your video if you prefer it to the animated preview that’s been generated for you. Here’s a post with step-by-step instructions for setting that up.

5. Send or Share Your Video

On that same post-recording screen, you’ll find “Text,” “Email,” “Share,” and “Email with BombBomb Template” options to send or share your video to recipients. Here’s how each one works:

Text: This functionality takes your video file and puts it into your native texting application within your device.

Click this option, and an editable message will appear with your video link within your text messaging composer: “I recorded a quick video for you. Click to play!”

You can customize this message however you would like, just do not tweak the URL or it’ll break the link to your video. Then, add a recipient and click send.

On Android, this automated text will not show up. However, you can still add personalized text to accompany your video link.

Email: This button will take your video link and place it in the native default email app on your phone – whether it’s Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. It will not be sent through BombBomb or any other third-party sender. It will come directly from your email account.

If you want your animated preview to show up in your email, you’ll want to choose the “Email with BombBomb Template” button instead.

Email with BombBomb Template: This option will allow you to send your email via BombBomb with any pre-designed template of your choosing. Check out this article to learn about the video email templates we offer. It will, however, revert to your default template automatically, so be sure to change it to the template you want to use.

By clicking this button, you’ll also be able to send your video to an entire list, rather than just one person.

Share: This button will open up options to share on all apps that you can share your video in – Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and beyond. When sharing via these applications, many of them will actually show your animated preview – garnering more engagement from your recipients.

Key Features on the BombBomb Mobile App

Keyboard: With the BombBomb keyboard, you can send your videos directly inside the apps you use most on your mobile device – the texting application social media apps, email, and more.

No need to switch back and forth between apps to share your videos. You can do it all in one centralized locationsaving you time and making it easier than ever to share your videos at the touch of a button.

You can enable it by clicking the settings icon on the bottom left of your home screen. Then, press “Keyboard Instructions” and it’ll walk you through exactly how to set it up and enable the BombBomb keyboard on your phone.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to use it on any application that utilizes a keyboard. Just switch your keyboard to the BombBomb keyboard, and your video library appears. That way, you’ll be able to insert your video link wherever. Just click “Insert Link” on the video you want to share, edit the corresponding text, and then send it!

mobile app keyoard | BombBomb

Tracking: Just like on the desktop BombBomb video email app, you can track opens, clicks, and video plays right from your smartphone. Just click the chart icon on your home screen. From there, you’ll be able to see all your live tracking insights in one feed.

Video Library: You can access all the mobile videos in your video library directly from the mobile app by pressing the center button with the play video icon on your home screen. Then, click on the video you want to send or share and repeat steps 4-5 above.

Mobile Video Best Practices

Now that you know exactly how to use the BombBomb mobile app, it’s time to learn all the best practices to get the results you want from each mobile video you send.  They include:

Always Prioritize Accompanying Text

The accompanying text for your video is so important. If you want your mobile video played (especially if it’s only a video link with no thumbnail or animated preview), there should be text driving action towards it.

Record in Landscape Mode Whenever Possible

With the BombBomb mobile app, you can record in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. We recommend recording your videos in landscape mode whenever possible.

While portrait videos will likely look fine via text, the formatting will look off in other platforms. Landscape mode gives your videos a consistently clean look and feel.

Embrace the Imperfections

Your videos don’t have to be perfect. In fact, they shouldn’t be because it’s unrealistic. There will be little imperfections as you record, and that’s OK. This showcases your authenticity and makes you more relatable to others.

So, if you’re recording on-the-go and there are people talking in the background or noise from cars driving by, don’t let it fluster you. Those small noises will not detract from your message. If you want more tips for shooting video outside, read this article.

See how Gia Silva of INTI Realty does exactly this in a mobile video she sent…

Want More In-Depth Mobile Video Training?

If you’re in need of more mobile video guidance, we have training that can help! Watch our webinar, “Exceptional Mobile Videos: How to Use our Redesigned App to Your Benefit,” led by BombBomb National Speaker Alicia Berruti, Client Enablement Manager Kevin Andrews, and Visual Storyteller Matt Mead.

They walk you through the BombBomb mobile app, share mobile video tips for success, and take a deeper look into mobile add-on video equipment. Watch the full training video below…

Want to start recording your own mobile videos? Download the BombBomb mobile app for iOS and Android today!

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