Make 2018 the Year of Video – Tips from Top Influencers with Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is making 2018 the year of video, are you?

There is no better way to start winning with video than by learning from the best in the business.

How do you even begin? Where do you focus your energy? What do you talk about in videos?

BombBomb answered these questions by watching over 3,000 videos from the most influential real estate professionals. We compiled a list of the top 80 most accomplished video influencers with their tips and tricks, all for free.

Tom Ferry, the leading real estate coach, teamed up with BombBomb to present the first ever Real Estate Video Influencers Guide. Tom has been a big advocate of video for years, and his focus on “video-first” marketing made him a natural partner for this project.

BombBomb’s CMO, Steve Pacinelli, joined Tom on the #TomFerryShow to talk about the five categories of video featured in this guide. Watch the full interview, read the highlights below, and download the guide to jumpstart your 2018 video strategy!

Read time: 4 minutes
Video length: 28 minutes, 12 seconds
Takeaway: Learn how and why you should be making these 5 types of real estate videos. Plus a free guide to take with you!

Tom Ferry and BombBomb – Real Estate Video Influencers

It seems like every day another business is announcing a list or award of some kind. As an outsider, it’s easy to be cynical and wonder about the significance of those lists, are they just exchanging favors and paying lip service? In speaking with Steve, Tom addressed this concern head-on, asking, “is this a popularity list?”

Steve was quick to explain, “that is exactly what we didn’t want to do.”

The purpose of the guide, Steve said, was to not only honor hardworking influencers but to share their knowledge with the industry and help real estate professionals grow in video and ultimately in their businesses.

One thing BombBomb learned from the best of the best is, we need to stop trying to be perfect.

We all make mistakes, and in a video, your mistakes can be the thing that builds a connection.

Use the tips and insight from Steve and Tom below to craft your video strategy for 2018!

1 All Around Video

What does it mean to be an “all around” video influencer? It means someone is excelling in multiple video forms – community, recorded, live, social, email, texting. It also means they are getting results with a balanced approach.

They get results because they get in front of more people, more often. This is the secret to doing more business.

There was a time, five or ten years ago when realtors were primarily using video for new listings. That time has passed with advances in technology, and if you ignore the sea of video categories available, you might be shutting out potential business. Take a look at the All Around category in the guide to get a feel for how to diversify your game.

Pro-tip: You don’t have to read every page of the guide in order, you can skip around to what you’re passionate about.

2 Listing and Home Tour Video

Tom Ferry acknowledged that listing and home tours are the original real estate videos.

But what makes them stand out?

It’s all about how you customize your listing videos! Steve suggested you could use a storyline, appear in your videos, hire actors, use your phone or hire a videographer – there is no one size fits all. The top influencers made listing videos for every house, no matter the budget.

Surprisingly, the purpose of a listing video isn’t just to sell a home. Tom Ferry shared that listing videos help you stand out from the crowd and get those “come list me calls.”

Pro-tip: Lots of our video influencers recommended hiring a wedding videographer for listing videos because they already know how to tell a story.

3 Community and Neighborhood Video

Community videos are still the best-kept secret.

Searching for the best community videos, BombBomb quickly found that many real estate professionals simply aren’t making community videos.

This is a tremendous missed opportunity!

Why? Because you can make a few excellent neighborhood marketing videos that live online forever (evergreen). Also, you can drastically increase your reach when you highlight other local businesses because they will share your videos with their audience. Small businesses, parks, clubs, schools – there is so much material to work with.

Tom Ferry remembered back in 2009 when he had Gary Vaynerchuck speak at his summit, and even back then Gary Vee was saying  – be the mayor of your town, use your camera, talk about the market. Ian Watt was doing video back then too, Tom said, and even though Watt hasn’t been making video recently he still pops up in google searches.

Tom’s point was, at a bare minimum you need to make some “evergreen” community videos. You will reap the reward of “come list me calls” for years to come and gain a reputation as the local expert.

4 Recorded Video

Do you ever struggle to deliver bad news? You know the kind – maybe a deal fell apart or you had to lower the price. It’s hard to deliver bad news, and it’s even harder to hear.

What helps people digest bad news? Time.

Steve and Tom discussed how the brain needs time to process, to understand the message and be ready to talk. Sending a video gives people the time they need. Through BombBomb you can break the bad news with a compassionate video, give people time to process, and say you want to talk later that night.

Tom Ferry mentioned that our recorded video influencer winner, Peter Lorimer, has follow-up video campaigns for every one of his lead sources in BombBomb. “It’s legendary,” Tom exclaimed.

Pro-tip: While you won’t find a realtor’s one-to-one lead response videos on YouTube, you can watch 25 personal videos from our finalists in the guide! Take Tom’s advice- “R&D” (rip-off and duplicate) what the top influencers are doing.

5 Live Video

Tom Ferry’s favorite category is live video! If you want more referrals and top-of-mind awareness, merely push that “live” button. In Tom’s experience, Facebook Live gets way more views than text and image posts. You followers even get push notifications encouraging them to tune in.

So why aren’t more people “going live”? A lot of people are nervous to go live because there is no editing or do-overs. But remember, your friends and followers already know and like you. They already know what you look like and how you talk in real life.

And that negative voice in your head that criticizes you? Kick it to the curb, Steve and Tom said. You wouldn’t let a friend talk to you like that, so why let yourself?

Tom Ferry actually suggested people start with live video to face their fear. Steve advised people to close their eyes and think of something they’re grateful for before turning on the camera.

Pro-tip: In the guide, you’ll find tips from our Live category winners about how to get comfortable on camera.

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